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Published: 31 January 2018

Innovation in each technological trends is developing each and every day. It was decades back when syncing structured and unstructured data and analyzing it for the betterment and growth of the business was a tedious job, but with advancement in the big data analytics solutions and tools along with business intelligence solution this process now has become way smoother and simpler.

Fast-forward to today. In the year 2018, innovation is propelling each day in regards to execution, security and speed in the tech-world. Major paces in big data analytics came up in 2016, and it extended beyond the expectations in the year 2017. For this year, few of deviation and modifications are predicted to be in trends. Here are seven of it.


In the present age, cloud-based data centres have turned out to be extremely vital. Companies are moving to cloud management because of the incredible revenue. There is a healthy competition raising between traditional providers and cloud suppliers as the new cloud valuing model can increase the enterprise development almost 5 times as compared to traditional providers. Fate of information servers is unquestionably drawing nearer to the cloud this year and in the upcoming ones.


Intelligence is advancing nowadays like recognizing fingerprints or face just like human perceptual abilities, so is the cognitive technologies. Big data experts are actively trying to implement such technology in the solution so that analysing, planning and strategizing process easier. Systems will now be capable understanding each captured and stored data with a comprehensive approach.


Time has gone of integrating a number of applications with data centres to deliver a big data-based application. Now with hybrid infrastructure, days are not away when big data analytics will be infrastructure-as-a-service with end-to-end integration instead of using inhouse, flash or cloud storage.


Artificial Intelligence is the hype since few years. This year with big data it will delve further into the security space. Machines will soon have the capacity to foresee human psychology precisely and with be able to comprehend data that are incorporated into cognitive technologies. Advancement in AI technology certainly needs a good cyber security shield that can keep sensitive information confidential from hackers and another malignant system without any human management.


IoT has been the greatest revelation in the time of innovation. Utilizing and joining Internet of Things (IoT) information is a future undertaking for all firms. Sooner IoT will turn into the essence of the data analysis. Sensor-based analytics has availed greatly to the organizations. 2017 trends and stats clearly shows that IoT will have a striking effect on big data this year even for all business domain.

Because of the developing use of Smartphones, tablets and laptops, developing companies are figuring out new ways to analyse data through interconnectivity of devices. This will directly need to improvise security, dependability and stronger connectivity to leave beneficial footprints for cloud-based big data development.


Machines functioned to perform particular tasks are a mandatory part of our lives now. Trust it or not, this is a way fact. Machine has limitless learning capabilities due to which Machine Learning is raising at a great speed. This year will undoubtedly witness speedier and enhanced Machine Learning, making more precise and proper forecasts.

Major transformation in business domains can be found because of massive data, modified algorithms and modernized hardware. Development that can cater the precise and accurate data out of the complicated enormous information without any misrepresentation discovery can be implemented using Machine Learning.


Big data will have a more prominent association of prescriptive and descriptive analysis. Predictive Analytics is here to have an enormous effect in the realm of huge information. This will help developers to enhance decision and analysis qualities and increase activity proficiency of the solution. Now big data will help businesses to make better, accurate and informed decisions by optimizing the data with predictive and descriptive analysis.


Experts are expecting for transcending $203 billion by the year 2020. The interest for information accentuation is developing step by step, and the income development originating from data will compensate for 33% of the Fortune 500 organizations. The real answer to why big data matters.

There are colossal volumes of authentic information that is stored in the storage room for years and that are yet to be digitized. Such data is termed as dark data. In 2018, with the ascent of Big Data Analytics, core focus will also be on digitization and recuperation of that information. The disclosure and digitization of such information will depict repeating patterns and item cycles with the goal that exact expectations are made for what’s to come.


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