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Published: 20 February 2017

Because iOS is the most popular platform today, more and more software and mobile app developers are developing apps for the platform. The key to succeed in this endeavor is to find a niche or an ongoing trend and of course plenty of research on the web.

Over the years, the mobile market has grown considerably and experts predicted continued growth of the market. The usage of mobile internet surpassed desktops in the year 2014 and eight percent of web users have smart phones. With these impressive numbers, it is no wonder why popular and reliable companies all over the world are trying to get a piece of the modern day gold rush.

Among the platforms today, the iPhone or iOS platform is the most popular. That is why many mobile app developers are engaging into developing applications for the iOS platform to be more profitable. The following are some tips on how to be profitable with developing apps for iOS.

  • Find a niche or an ongoing trend. Make use of all the freely-accessible information on the web. Make sure to check what is selling at present and open iTunes and check out what applications are in every category of the app store in the top 100. Look at what’s selling and if you think there are still some dollars for another app of the kind, then it is safe to go ahead with it.
  • More work does not always mean more profit. There are really niches that are big in the market, but it does not always mean that the more work a developer puts into the project, the more profitable it will be. It is important to get to know the competition and make sure they do not have a great advantage in terms of sales.
  • Make sure the app is not existing already. This is probably the very first and most common mistakes that developers do. If an idea comes to mind, considering opening iTunes and spend fifteen minutes to do research.
  • Name it correctly. Most likely, the most difficult task is to come up with a reasonable or catchy name. It should be unique and should say what the application is all about within one or three words. Furthermore, it should be international. Search everything with Google first.
  • Two seconds is what it takes to turn a visitor into a customer. Most iTunes visitor or the app website will have made up their minds whether to buy or not after the first couple of seconds. Visitors could stay longer on the site, browse around even to check out testimonials, but would rarely change their minds after the first decision. The most valuable marketing assets are the app name and icon since there are what the visitors will see first. Consider highlighting all the great features in the app description. If the icon is catchy, the screenshots should be too since these are the next things that people will look at.
  • Avoid an over complicated app. Never make users feel or even worse pay as if they were using a rocket. This is because there are a lot of apps out there and if the users are challenged or become uncomfortable, they will just look for another at a minimal price.
  • Use a framework and do not invent the wheel. The thing is the effort that is put into an application and whether a developer could spend less time and get better quality at the same time. There are many frameworks around, some are supported commercially yet still free to use and some are community developed which still provides plenty of opportunities for troubles in forums.
  • Decide on a business model before proceeding to work. Before putting any time on designing an icon, hiring freelance copywriters, coding and more, make sure to know what the business model would be. Furthermore, make sure to feel comfortable with it and the app should have a realistic possibility to provide some income.
  • Avoid using valuable time on a dead cat. Almost all applications have the same sales graph. Release, then quite for a few days and skyrocket and sink slowly towards a plateau near the bottom. There are numerous tricks to make the sales’ peak unload more applications. Once it hits the bottom, it would never be a hit application anymore.
  • Make fuss about the app. Do not rush into selling. Make friends, family and colleagues know you are releasing an application for the iPhone. Make sure to follow them up when the app is released.


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