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Published: 7 September 2017

In the most anticipated event, Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Tim Cook – Apple CEO announced the next generation version of iOS – iOS 11. Just like with every new version, Apple amazes crowd with outstanding new updates, similarly, with iOS 11 Apple came up with inventive design changes in major elements throughout operating system.

Undoubtedly, iPhone 8 will be preloaded with iOS11, also free update will be available for existing iPhone 5s and newer, iPad mini 2 and later, iPad Air and later and all iPad Pro models and iPod touch 6th generation. Public Beta version of iOS 11 is already launched for iOS Development Company and their iPhone and iPad developers in July this year. Have a brief look on updates and features you will receive in your iPhones and iPads on updating to iOS 11.

Personal Assistant – Siri
World’s famous intelligent assistant Siri can now help in translating English phrases into Chinese, French, German and Italian. Like Hotel room in Rome? Tell your host. “È fantastico”. As per recently read information on Safari, Siri suggests relative searches. Also, Siri asks you to add to calendar (for remainder) your booked flight or confirmed appointment. Setting app now has unified Siri and Search settings with option of toggling on/off Siri suggestion on each iPhone or iPad application.

Augmented Reality
Get significantly alluring and fluid experience with Augmented Reality in games and other apps which bring app beyond reality. Augment Reality blends digital objects with scene around users.

Apple Music
What if music volume in different rooms and speakers can be controlled by iPhone? Yes, it is possible with AirPlay 2. One can also opt the song to be played in which room. Apple Music let one discover new songs with help of friends and Apple Music is wise enough to know user’s music taste and suggest accordingly. Siri even answers relevant questions to music. Left and Right Airpods settings can be modified individually with separate double tapped gestures.

Drag n Drop
Tap and hold with a finger to DRAG text, links, photos, files, and others and DROP it in an adjacent app in Split View mode in iPad display. Even other finger can be used to access Dock or Home screen to open another app.

Dock and App Store
Dock in iPads now can be open by just swiping up from any screen. Easy to switch amongst apps, also Dock can be customized by adding needful apps in it by just dragging and dropping. Discover daily stories, a list of all types of apps with separate Games tab with new redesigned App Store.

QuickType Keyboard
Keyboards have become smarter with quicktype stickers and smileys. Also, Siri helps in typing by suggesting words. iPads use downward swipe – Flick, to type characters which were earlier typed with Shift key. Click on one-handed keyboard to shift all keys to the left or right to type easily with just thumb.

Apple Pencil
For iPad Pro models, Apple Pencil support has been expanded with features – Instant Markup to markup quickly in any PDF or screenshot. Tap apple pencil on the lock screen to open Notes app and start scripting notes. Send Mail messages or Save Notes with informative graphics by inking it with Inline Drawing.

Control Centre and App Switcher
iOS 11 let user customize the Control Centre based on their requirements. Refurbished App Switcher now has a quick access to Split view and Slide over apps and also it displays Dock and a tiled view op apps open or most recently used.

control centre

Snap amazing photos with professional quality filters of camera and with depth of field effect alike DSLR camera. Live photos are more expressive with Loop, Bounce and Long Exposure options. GIFs are only played when opened not in the display of the file. Photos and videos will occupy less space on iCloud due to iOS 11 HEVC and HEIF formats. Camera also detects QR Code and will smartly open the corresponding app.

Editing a photo and chatting along too was just hallucination until the coming of multitasking feature. With Multitask, open a second from Dock while simultaneously working on first and both apps remain active in Slide Over and Split View. To remove any app slide it to left, need not worry it is still sorted in App Spaces of App Switcher.

Scan & Edit
Scan the document and edit it or save it or share it. Smart Notes recognize handwriting and look similar to typed content. It also helps in quick search of notes.

P2P Payment
Electronic money transfer became rapid with Apple Pay, but in iOS 11 Apple Pay also supports peer-to-peer(P2P) payments through iMessage app. For transaction authentication, Touch ID is used. Receive/ send money to your contact friends in just click. Quick Secured Transactions. Also messages can be send with different screen effects to highlight it accordingly.

Safe Driving
Do Not Disturb mode is activated while driving, as iPhone senses the movement and the people trying to reach you will be sent a notification that you are driving. No distraction while driving. Safe Drive.


  • If an app is not in use for a long time, then it gets uninstall automatically but its relative data is kept as backup.
  • Images, videos and other documents can be organized collectively in File format.
  • iOS 11 has built-in Screen Capture and Recording Click on toggle switch in Control Centre and capturing will start.
  • Maps not only for outdoor location but also for indoor for malls, commercial buildings etc to know location of stores on each floor and to guide the path to it.

It is hard to wait but it will be worthwhile. Expected launch is in September 2017, when Apple is completing 10 years of its first smart device launch. To implement such features in iPhone or iPad applications, developers and iOS app Development Company requires Xcode 9.


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