Handle Background Service Limitations of Oreo

With the introduction of Android 8 (Oreo), we get to know some new and interesting features and behavior changes of the Android new OS. One of them is “Background execution limits” and in this post, we look specifically at this new restriction that has been introduced for background services. Due to this behavior change now apps that are running in the background now having limitations on how to access background services and the broadcasts that are defined in Manifest. So if you’re using background services in your app then this change could affect your app. So now let’s have a look on what the actual change is, how it will affect the development and how we can handle it.

What’s new in Android Wear 2.0

Tradition that watches just tick tock time updates are far way older, now with booming penetration of Wearable technology and that too specially Fitbits and Smart Watches, wearable application development got new wings to evolve the market with a bright enterprise engaging future.