Concept of Low-Code Development Environment

A Low-code development platform provides an environment for programmers. A Low-code development platform use to create application software through graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and configuration instead of traditional computer programming using various IDEs like Visual Studio, Dream Viewer, Net Beans, etc.

Few points about Progressive Web Apps

To expand with web application or mobile application is the most common trend these days, as it is the fastest platform to correlate the users rapidly and even for users it is high time-saving as it is the one-stop solution, where varied kinds of stuff are obtained right at one location or website or click or mobile app.

Boost customer service through mCommerce

To improve customer service, retain new customers and engage existing ones, a business must embrace the mobile trend. These days, shoppers no longer use a single device or platform for purchasing decisions. As a matter of fact, mCommerce is one of the biggest drivers behind eCommerce sales.

Best Practices for Corporate App Strategy and Development

Mobility and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) have become a quickly adapted activity in the organizations. With the expansion of the big number of mobile phones in this digital era, organizations have reacted quickly to transform their workplace into more accessible to become productive. The process of accessibility, storage and distribution of data has got streamlined by using mobiles, smartphones, and computers. Enterprise Mobility has unlocked the door to work from any location at any time.