Client is based in Australia and develops an age-oriented application that helps in the creative, social and cognitive development of children. It aims to develop an application that has educational outcomes along with fun-filled elements. Also, its applications are designed to support and nurture children's various abilities and help increase their creativity and confidence.


The client from the Education industry wished to create a craft application that would enable children to explore their creativity by creating paintings, collage, textual overlays with the help of various tools such as crayons, paints and other craft-based items similar to what they create in their school. Thus, children will have an opportunity of expressing themselves by creating amazing designs and they will also sharpen their crafting skills.

"Art & Craft App" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Application should be simple enough so that children can easily use it
  • Provide options to select the medium (e.g. cardboard, paper etc.) to work on
  • Provide various types of tools such as crayons, pencils etc.
  • Provision to integrate photos stored in device into the application
  • Integrate Facebook or Twitter into the application


To help children increase their interest in craft and help develop their hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills client wanted to create a user-friendly craft application.

TatvaSoft was able to achieve client's aim by developing the application "Art & Craft App" with following features:

  • Children will be able to select from a variety of surface to work on e.g. cardboard, paper
  • Various drawing mediums such as crayons, paints, pencils are available for drawing
  • Virtual items such as leaves, paddle pop sticks, glitter etc. are available to stick on the surface for enhancing the design
  • Select photo that is either taken through camera or stored in library and edit and use it in the craft
  • Ability to open an existing craft and start working on it from where it was last left
  • Print the created craft or save it for later use
  • Share the created craft using email, Facebook or Twitter
  • Tutorial explaining how to use the application
  • Create collage, painting or crafts without the need of internet to browse different elements


Client was satisfied to obtain the desired craft based application successfully developed by TatvaSoft for art and craft to enhance creative skills of children with the use of iPad. This application plays a major role in academics where it will help the teachers and parents to educate the children with latest technologies and enjoy their creativity with mobility. With the advancement and access use of iPad in each domain this application proved to be a huge achievement for the targeted users.