Industry: Energy & Mining

Our USA based client, a large distributor of various industrial products, wished to automate their asset distribution process deployed in various areas to match steps with the automated world and to speed up their services.


The client was associated with the different industries and served more than lakhs of line items. It possessed major challenge in storing the details of a large number of items by bifurcating them based on their certification. As the assets were available, but the lack of an automated system affected their decision-making process.

Major challenges are:

  • Retrieve assets from P21 system and organize them based on their certification
  • Ensure system security by controlling its access
  • Organize the assets based on their different categories
  • Attributes creation for all asset types
  • Provide dynamic creation of the form fields and unit types
  • Display news dynamically across various platforms
  • Assets location tracking and management
  • An informative view of the completed work by assigned assets


To meet the client business demand, TatvaSoft had developed an Asset Management System that managed the asset inventory and automated the asset identification and allocation process. The system constituted dynamic configuration to proactively manage the assets and standardize the asset lifecycle process. Also developed specialized modules to store the asset detail, perform timely analyses, and maintain them using various reports.

The solution features include:

  • Allow assets import from the P21 system under the Certified and Uncertified category. Also, allow the manual creation of assets and maintaining their status.
  • Facilitate roles-based access control of the system
  • Model category-based asset allocation in a hierarchical structure constituting main category, sub-category, inactive category, and attributes.
  • Set-up various attributes and assigned them to a category
  • Allow creating different types of fillable form fields and different unit types
  • Support dynamic NEWS display on the global platform and customer-based platform
  • Schedule management to track the asset location, and view asset details like certifications, category, certification inspection date, and results.
  • A work history facility to view the details of the assets work.
  • Other facilities - Employee and Customer Account Management
  • Provide a CRM platform to display the customer details and track their various activities


  • Technology: ASP.Net, C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services. The solution helped in easy maintenance of the assets which resulted in saving high expense. It offered improvement in the enhanced tracking of the vehicles. It increased the output capacity by tracking the asset availability. It helped in optimizing work orders and provided better customer service. Asset management improved the efficiency of planning and scheduling.

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