The client belongs to a small-sized manufacturing industry. They specialize in the production of rails for commercial use. They assemble them with curtains and supply them to healthcare institutes.


The client was facing conflicting demands such as higher production with increased quality, smaller profit margin and short delivery time. Against these conflicts, their aim remained consistent i.e. produce a right product with right quality and quantity, at right price and time and it must delight the customers. In order to overcome these conflicting demands, fulfil the aim and provide competitive edge services, the client decided to develop a web application. It should be accessed by their distributors so that the specification entered by them is directly available to the manufacturers.

The key objective is to develop a small, light and portable application that smoothen their process with following prime considerations:

  • A web-based solution which facilitates simplified and fast process between manufacturers, salespersons and distributors.
  • Facilitate management and tracking of quotes, auto estimation of required materials, accurate measurement and generation of bill of material
  • Facilitate graphical presentation that shows what shape rails will be assembled for each bed
  • Provide analytical reports which help for production planning and scheduling


TatvaSoft has emerged with Silverlight solution named "Bill of Material Generator" that greatly fastens order processing with help of following core features:

  • Administration
    • It facilitates an administrator to manage the basic information such as system users, distributors, tiers of distributors, default rates, etc., which are used to auto-generate quote and bill of material.
  • Distributor
    • Manage Users: It facilitates distributors to create and manage users on their premise
    • Manage Sales Distributors: A distributor can select a sales person who makes sure that the distributor will get their material/product as per their quotation
  • Quote Management
    • A distributor can generate and manage its customers' profiles
    • Track the specification of curtains per room
    • Estimate cost per room and total
    • Generate quotation and BOM
    • Based on given specification of curtains and required hardware, a rich, easy-to-understand and visually pleasing graphical representation of rails is created having information like Track type, Room and total quantity.
  • My Account
    • Helps users to manage their own login credential and profile details.
  • Reports
    • Comprehensive reports on sale cost, trace materials on high demand, etc. meet the most desirable requirements
  • Sales
    • A salesperson can see curtain and room cost per customer.


The Bill of Material Generator facilitates easy and error-free management of curtains and hardware specification for individual room and customers. Furthermore, on single click complex calculations are done automatically and have BOM within a second. It helps to plan and schedule production of required hardware, thereby encouraging delivery of right product at right time and reduces investment risk.



  • MVC


  • Microsoft Silverlight, Expression Blend, C#, WCF Service


  • Microsoft SQL Server

External Tools or Components:

  • Crystal Reports