The client is one of the largest sellers of used books in USA with the commitment to provide quality used books at lower cost. They have grown their marketplace which includes the partnership with third-party vendors, offers certain affiliates programs and also connected with several libraries. With the help of technology and innovation in processing and selling of the books, they are increasing their international presence as well.


The client started their business of selling used books with the commitment to provide used books at a lower cost without scarifying its quality. They had initiated their business with the small storage unit which has turned to a large storage capable of storing millions of books. Though their business grew, they were following the traditional practice. They want to increase their presence worldwide and hence they need a solution that would simplify their work and adopt new business strategies.

In order to achieve their aim, the primary considerations for developing a solution were:

  • The capacity of managing a large inventory of used books with an ability to of multiple categorisations.
  • Should offer different programs that help to increase their business
  • The quality of the service and selling rate should not be compromised.


TatvaSoft developed e-commerce web-based "Book e-Cafe" that efficiently addresses the client's challenges and converts them into outstanding business benefits.

The key features of the system are:

  • Affiliate Management : Admin user can manage all the affiliates and their details like personal details, commission percentage, charge limit, etc. The system also provides payment details of each affiliate with an invoice number and check date.
  • Content Management : Admin user has the access to set and update the content of the e-commerce site. Content management module provides user to edit content using WYSIWYG editor.
  • Survey Management : System offers the facility to conduct a survey and show the statistics to the administrator.
  • Affiliate Earning Report : System has provision to generate earning report for the selected date range for all or individual affiliate. This report can be exported in CSV format also.
  • Affiliate Traffic Report : System has provision to generate traffic report for the selected date range for all or individual affiliate which includes Hits, Clicks, Items Ordered, etc.
  • Bundle Creation : Admin can create bundle deals or featured bundles of different books. This bundle can be shown on the front end for the specific period of time.
  • Testimonials can be added and ranked by admin received from the customer
  • Admin can review and edit feedbacks provided by the clients.
  • Admin can manage all the supplier details with ease.
  • This report can be exported in CSV format also.
  • The system has a functionality to generate an error log. This can be useful to develop the robust system.
  • Category wise display of the books
  • Online Payment options for books
  • Search books based on Book Binding formats, Warehouse, Condition, etc.


TatvaSoft successfully developed a web-based solution providing excellent management and merchandising solutions for selling used books that increased client's bookstore revenue by more than 100% in the first quarter. In addition, it offers the cheapest rate of the used books over the internet and making the client as one of the largest online stores of used books without suffering their commitment of providing quality used books at lower cost.


Server :

  • Microsoft Windows Server

Web Server:

  • IIS

Programming Language:


  • Microsoft SQL Server

Development Tool:

  • Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, Photoshop

Project Management Tool:

  • Microsoft Visio