Industry: Media & Entertainment

Our USA based client owns special handwritten envelope printing business. Client's main objective was to launch online envelop printing business where the customer can order and view proof of special handwritten envelope.


The concept of Calligraphy Experts was to simplify and automate the process of accepting orders and allow users to view their printing proofs online.

Our client wanted a solution to manage online printing business. This system allows users to place orders for Envelopes printed with different handwritten font styles. He wanted to provide good graphical user interactivity to enhance user's online printing and shopping experience.


TatvaSoft analyzed the requirement based on its vast e-commerce experience and came up with a solution having the following features:

  • Allowing users to add their contacts
  • Allowing users to get a free sample
  • Users can see the proof online to get a clear look how it will look after printing.
  • Users can choose from a vast range of handwritten types styles and layouts.
  • Users can chose different ink colors to be used.
  • Users can see the status of their order placed.
  • Content Management System
  • Shopping cart
  • Detailed purchase analysis using detailed reporting
  • Order tracking
  • UPS shipping and online payment
  • Simple, flexible and fast


  • Application Type : Online Printing Web Site
  • Server : Microsoft Windows Server
  • Web Server : IIS
  • Programming Language : VB.Net
  • Framework : Microsoft .Net Framework
  • Database : Microsoft SQL Server


The provided solution extensively fulfilled the requirements of the client, as it was - With the facility of customization and ordering of envelope

  • A vast range of choices
  • Online customization facility
  • User-friendly user experience and interface
  • Combination of viewing, customizing and ordering
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