Case Studies

Golfer Simulator
  • Category: Desktop Application
  • Industry: Sports
  • Technologies: C#, MS Access

This is a Windows-based application for golf training school, which allows to capture and display real-time 3D biomechanical data simultaneously from six magnetic trackers. There are numerous windows to view/preview an animated golfer (drawing based on the 3D data), that uses the current or previous data collection and apply different mathematical algorithms.

Golf Trainer
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Sports
  • Technologies: ASP .Net/C#, MS SQL Server

Uniform web platform for professional golf coaches and golf players to interact and to produce better golfers. The Concept was to train golfers and develop a system that enables trainers to improve the skills of golfers. Letting the golfers conduct various tests or exercises allows the company to assist their clients in becoming better golfers.