Our Client is a consultant looking to design an "Online civil surveys project tracking web application". The client's company operates in a very demanding environment, it must continuously update its features and functionality or risk losing members. So, the client was looking for the web application that incorporates features like survey project tracking, managing client information, online registration, order online, view project status available online, storing project time entry, adding an attachment to project, barcode scanning, field note scanner, updating project status from PDA.


Civil Survey Tracker is a hosting product created for a customer based in Griffin, USA. The customer wanted to provide hosting services to surveying companies where they can manage their projects, staff, time, invoicing, history and accounting.

Basic challenges faced were as follows:

  • Survey project management and easy tracking of surveys.
  • Client information management, online registration, ordering and live project status.
  • Project time management and staff time management with cost using punch in - punch out.
  • Barcode scanning.
  • Update project status from PDA.
  • Field Note Scanner.

Since the client operates in a very demanding environment, he has to update features constantly and provide customization based on client requirements. As it is a software as a service, implementing customization for each customer and making them compatible with new features was a very challenging task that our team performed. Other challenges were to create graphical job viewer, attachment explorer, crew calendar and conversion of application and UI to the latest framework and designing concepts.


At TatvaSoft, we created Civil Survey Tracker application with required features and also provided application maintenance services.

  • User-friendly yet good looking Ajax based UI
  • Graphical job viewer with Location Map
  • Attachment Explorer Crew Calendar to manage crew tasks of more than one day.
  • Personal and company calendar for organizing events entered by them.
  • Invoice Management
  • Group and User based Permission Settings
  • Control Panel
  • Small Project Tracking
  • Large Project Tracking
  • Graphical Project Viewer
  • Personal Calendar
  • Task Management
  • Punch Time Management
  • User and Group Permission
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Lock Desktop
  • Email Portal
  • Client Management
  • Invoice Management
  • File Attachment
  • Quick Search
  • Reporting System


The Client drew immense benefits from TatvaSoft's SaaS based Solution. It accelerated client's business and helped it in selling this software to more than 35 surveying and engineering firms, thus lifting the bar of its business profits. The other benefits included effective project management, enhanced employee efficiency, better client management, time management and faster implementation of processes.


Application Server :

  • Windows

Web Server :

  • IIS

Programming Language :

  • ASP.Net using VB.Net

Database :

  • Microsoft SQL Server

Third party components/applications :

  • Intersoft WebUI Studio.NET, Ajax Toolkis, PDF Generator, Yahoo Maps, Google Gear