Client based in Australia runs training courses for commercial baristas and home baristas. They provide various courses that provide information about origin, aroma and taste of various types of coffee. Techniques for preparing the variety of coffee are also taught. The client is dedicated to understand what magic coffee is.


With a view to bring in a standardized way of judging coffee, the client decided to create an application that would enable people to provide reviews for various cafe and their coffee. The reviews will be done by taking into considerations various factors such as ambience, light, music etc. Each review is scored and compiled with all others of the same cafe. Review provided by experts or professionals is given more weight when calculating average review..

"Coffee Gourmet" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Registration of user should be done on the website of the client.
  • Verification of coffee professional by sending them the questionnaire to confirm their judging experience and coffee knowledge.
  • When reviewer enters details of the cafe for reviewing, GPS location and phone ID of the reviewer should be directly added to the dataset.
  • When reviewer wants to get the review of cafe then review of three nearest cafes of the selected cafe should also be available.
  • When adding a new cafe, the position of the cafe should be visible on the map.
  • Easily accessible by anyone and at any time.


To guide users find the cafe nearby their location and help them decide which coffee to choose from multiple available flavours, TatvaSoft developed "Coffee Gourmet" that would enable users to review coffee they have already tasted and view reviews provided by others.

It offered following features which include:

  • There are two types of user: i) General User ii) Coffee Professional or Expert. Both have provision to review or view reviews of a cafe.
  • Coffee professional will have to answer a questionnaire for verification of their expertise.
  • User can get the review of a cafe by entering the name of the cafe. The user can also view a list of all reviewed cafes at the location of the user or three nearest reviewed cafes close to user's location.
  • On selecting a cafe to review the address, phone number (if known) and the brand of coffee used will be displayed. Each type of coffee provided by the cafe will be reviewed and a score will be provided for the cafe.
  • For reviewing a cafe, the user will enter the name, address and phone number of the cafe. GPS location and Phone ID of reviewer would be directly added to the dataset.
  • The cafe is reviewed on basis of ambience, light, music, seating, food, service. The user can write about any feature that is unique in the cafe and user can also upload his/her photo.
  • User can select from the available coffee types and review them on the basis of presentation, cup volume, cream colour, cream stretch, taste, chocolate pattern, foam depth, foam texture flavour, mouth feel and after taste.
  • If the user cannot find the review for a cafe, the user can add the cafe and be the first to review for the cafe. The location of the cafe would be visible on the map.
  • Each review has got scored has attached to it. The overall score for the cafe is averaged over the ambience and the different coffees that have been reviewed.
  • The review given by coffee professional or expert are given additional weight while calculating the overall review.


With the application providing a consistent and authentic framework for judging coffee by using international standardised methods of coffee judging it helps coffee enthusiasts find the finest flavours of coffee as well as helping client to leverage its business with maximum downloads and In-App purchase via this application due to its outstanding functionality of getting coffee reviews from general public and professionals.


Operating System :

Device Support :

  • iPhone


  • SQLite

Programming Language & Tools :

  • Swift & Xcode