Client is based in Brazil and runs the chain of the different hospitals which specializes in the treatment of cancer. These hospitals provide the diagnosis, treatment and care and also involved in the R&D of the different treatments related to cancer.


Cancer, the deadly disease has been affecting human beings for years and in spite of advanced technology, there has been no medicine that can completely cure it. Millions of people are affected by cancer every year while some are cured of it others die due to it. During such time of illness and ambiguity, the patients are in need of constant support and are in someone who can be with them and share their pain and suffering.

Client wished to create a website that would provide a platform for cancer patients to get help and suggestion from supporters or from people who have survived cancer to share the major contribution in Healthcare Industry. Blogs and discussion forums available on the website allow people to share their experiences with each other and provide a friendly shoulder to those who are suffering from cancer.

The prime considerations of "Cure Cancer" website are:

  • People from various countries can share their experiences such as prevention needed or medicines for cancer
  • Ability to find others who are suffering from the same disease as theirs and thus get help from them
  • The content of the website including posts should be accessible to intended users only and per privacy settings
  • Integration with Facebook and Twitter
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time


TatvaSoft developed a PHP based website "Cure Cancer" for the above purpose.

It offered following features:

  • Community: It consists of the list of people who are survivors, fighters and supporters of cancer. Option to filter result based on age, sex, year in which cancer was diagnosed and type of cancer.
  • Discussion: Forum that allows the user to ask questions. The user can reply to the queries of others or read the replies given by others.
  • Options to search for previous discussions.
  • Blog: Users can post their experiences including how they dealt with cancer and the medicines, precautions that are needed to be taken.
  • Resources/Treatment: Treatments and the type of treatments that were or are undertaken by the user for the cure of cancer. Also, user can provide the treatments that can be taken during cancer.
  • My Circle: User can create a group of people close to the user and can control posts that are to be shown to the circle only. Other users will have the option to add new posts and option to view/ search posts submitted by other users.
  • My Favourites: Contains the list of posts that are selected by the user as a favourite.
  • Profile: Allows the user to maintain their own profile.
  • History/Newspaper: Provides the list of all the posts earlier posted by logged in user. Logged in user can search and download these posts for their reference
  • Various content based pages such as About Us, Contact us giving basic information about the website
  • Administrator will check content uploaded on the website for general quality and accuracy of content.
  • Administrator will manage users, news, discussion, blog and master details
  • Multilingual support - Portuguese, Spanish, English
  • Users can find the latest updates from the website in the form of the new users who joined the website, new posts, new blog articles and etc.


Cure cancer enabled a platform for cancer patients, from all over the world, to share their experiences related to cancer. It achieved a great success in encouraging cancer patients and fight against cancer. It became a source of treatment, precaution and medicine information and made it known across the various parts of the global.



  • Linux Server

Application Server:

  • Apache

Programming Language:

  • PHP, CodeIgniter


  • MySQL

Scripting Language:

  • JavaScript