Industry: Public Sector

Client is Australia's one of the largest privately held waste management company and focuses more on safety, reliability and excellence in customer service. The client has fleet of over 1200 vehicles and commits more than 1,500,000 house hold collections per week. It imparts various services like domestic waste contracts, liquid waste, water treatment, materials recovery facilities, environmental consulting, resource recovery and disposal.


The client was looking for a system that manages their procurement process across geographically discrete sites. The primary objectives for developing an online procurement application were:

  • The solution should follow and automate organisation workflow
  • Easy co-ordination with other departments with facility to manage trucks related e-documents efficiently
  • Order should be placed from multiple sites
  • User friendly interface, preferably touch screen
  • Capability to communicate with the other system for the purpose of information sharing
  • Functionality to monitor the pending credits, core deposits and pending orders
  • Rich graphical representation of statistical data to aid decision making
  • Ability to maintain entire supply chain


TatvaSoft delivered a Microsoft Silverlight based E-Procurement System which proved extremely useful to the purchase departments of the organizations by virtue of its below mentioned features:

  • Facility to manage multiple sites
  • Supplier, supplier catalogue, parts, units and their manufacture management
  • Manage trucks and plan itinerary for waste management
  • Quotation
    • Allow user to create quotation and re-quote
    • Options to choose multiple items to place in a quotation
    • Select most efficient supplier and send the request for quotation
    • Update the quotation details as per supplier's response
  • Purchase Order
    • Manage whole life span of a purchase order, from inception to shipment
    • Approval process for verification and authorisation of a purchase order
    • Option to create and send order in bulk
    • Options for part payment, delivery method, instructions etc.
  • Purchase Entry
    • Receive the Order delivery
    • Verify the received goods against the actual order
    • Check the states and quality of the items
    • Return any damaged, faulty or improper goods to the supplier
  • Outward Entry
    • Outward is used to manage items which are transferred to another site and/or truck from the store
    • User can create and amend an outward entry
  • Maintain Booking sheet
    • Booking sheets gives you a list of consumed items
    • This information will be used to make new purchase and charge the consumer (trucks) for the items
  • Customized and graphical reporting module using charts and graphs which gives statistics on Supplier, Orders, Consumption and Account
  • Master Maintenance facilitates management of master records which are used throughout the system


  • Architecture: MVVM
  • Technology: Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft Workflow
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • External Tools or Components:Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS)


E-Procurement has reduced disputes, procurement time, procurement costs, and transaction costs; standardized and streamlined procurement process and thus improved work efficiency and enhanced value for money.