The client is a US based Software company providing a wide range of services- from application development & e-commerce to wireless development.


The client required an e-commerce framework based on which a website can be created quickly. The framework should allow creation and modification of websites with ease and with little technical knowledge which requires powerful CMS. The client also wanted the framework to support search engine marketing and statistics, email campaigns and statistics and other features like blog, photo album, document manager, etc.


Web application development team at TatvaSoft UK created a framework and many front end sites successfully.

It supports following features :

  • Integrated mail server
  • E-commerce store with product, inventory, shipping management
  • Content management
  • Email campaigns, forum, blog, search engine ranking management
  • News, events, photo, documents, support, feedback management etc.
  • Menu and list editor
  • Automated site creation in IIS with IP allocation and support for multiple sites through the single admin interface.
  • Customization support for each and every page of a site
  • Creation of new the webpages from CMS interface
  • Drag and Drop feature to incorporate controls in web page and set properties like a desktop application
  • Create Ecommerce store with different payment gateways support
  • Account management
  • Web statistics management with different reports for SEO purpose


  • Quick delivery of items to the customers as purchase orders are generated online and shipping can be managed partially or fully with online shipping rate calculations.
  • Quick site creation in IIS using control panel
  • Easy management of products, categories and related products
  • Easy to integrate using mouse click features like blog, photo album, document management, news, events, list, feedback etc.
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Integration of Mail server with facility for the client to manage email accounts.


Application Server :

  • Windows Server

Web Server :

  • IIS

Email Server :

  • Mail Enable Server

Programming Language :

Database :

  • Microsoft SQL

Development Tool :

  • Visual Studio

Project Management Tool :

  • Microsoft Visio