Emergency Dispatch Guide Using ASP.NET & C#

The Client

Industry: Logistic

The client is one of the leading providers of emergency dispatch services and protection requirement for more than a decade. They have professional emergency services portfolio to be used to address various facets of crisis management. They are extensively involved in providing professional emergency services on various locations based on availability of operational offices and logistics support.

The Challenges

In order to get full benefits of the current business system and to manage various business operations related to emergency dispatch services, client has decided to develop and launch windows based application that will act as a planning solution for all the facets of emergency responses.

"Emergency Dispatch Guide" has wide range of objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Devising a system that provides platform to public safety answering point
  • System that quickly improves response times by simplifying and streamlining the process of dispatching responder
  • Ability to get current location of the caller on world map and extracting the details of the caller position using different views of maps
  • Ensuring quick response to event and facilitating multiple response resources allocation to same event
  • Provision to schedule an event quickly for any help request call received and keeping track of all the functional responses given to it
TatvaSoft's Offerings

TatvaSoft developed a windows based application called "Emergency Dispatch Guide" using .NET framework that ensures prompt response in hours of emergency.

Below are the core features of "Emergency Dispatch Guide" application:

  • Call Information: Provision of multi-view and real-time caller and incident location and all available resources from every traced call that contribute towards situational awareness.
  • Event Scheduling: This feature will create an event with all the information displayed on the screen including status. System will review the call details and ensure no duplicity for the same event while assigning multiple calls to it.
  • Dispatcher Screens: User can review the events to have the complete details of it. For example, if the user is fire dispatcher, then the response shown will pertain to the fire department only.
  • Multi-agency response: This feature enables individual department to use or share information related to all necessary public safety departments so that the correct combination of people and equipment arrive quickly and can be responded efficiently.
  • It also enables dispatch, relocation and return solutions for public safety units based on events occurring in the vicinity. For example, if any active or waiting police event is shmown, the active and available police units are dispatched.
  • Behind-the-scenes functionality:
    • It provides comprehensive information by interfacing with 911 call handling, GIS, AVL, MDT, RMS, background check programs and other applications.
    • Support rule-based managing of response plans
    • Recommends units based on type and geographical availability
    • Validates accuracy of an event's location, ability to link related events
    • Comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities
  • User Support
    • Colour coded incident priority level and notification on event-waiting
    • Fast and user-friendly navigation through call taker and dispatcher screens
    • Intuitive point and click user interface ideal for training new users
Tools and Technologies
  • Technology: Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, WCF, Web Service Software Factory (WSSF), Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • External Tools or Components: Infragistics Controls
Business Benefits

"Emergency Dispatch Guide" is an alarming system that works with today's Computer-Aided-Dispatch (CAD) system that accurately and consistently dispatchs needed support or assigns the necessary resources to the people in hours of need with following benefits:

  • Faster response time
  • Reduced call stacking and dispatcher stress
  • Ensured efficient assignment of resources with minimizing the response delay
  • Need to trace people and provide help to them at right time becomes easy and effective due to tracking of location of caller and source of call
  • User friendly, interactive and simple GUI helped in reduction of training expense