Our B2B Client is based in North America and specialized in secure digital rewards delivery solutions. It works as a "one-stop-shop” for that arena and provides tailored programs and interactive promotions designed in line with that. They basically help global brands & agencies to acquire, engage and retain customers through rewarding moments with their highly effective rewards delivery solutions.


To fulfill the mentioned objective and addressing the needs of their end customers, the client decided to develop a web-based insurance portal that fulfills below objectives:

  • A comprehensive interface that can be leveraged by any insurance companies
  • A unified insurance product suite that can be Configured for products like Event cancellation, Event Liability, Wedding Insurance by the insurance companies
  • Manage and address all the aspects of the event insurance starting from the proposal to proposal verification, rating, quotation, bound risk management, premium settlement etc. and manages the lifecycle of quoting, approving, settling, and ongoing management
  • A web-based solution that is adaptive, customizable, innovative and capable of catering the needs of different insurance companies.
  • A system should also be highly secured, reliable and scalable to protect the sensitive data


TatvaSoft designed and developed a web-based solution for the client that satisfied them to a considerable extent by assisting them with all the features that are required by them in order to operate their daily tasks efficiently.

Following are the important features of Project:

Client Management:

Interface for the platform admin to define the clients/insurance provider companies which will be actually using the proposed application

  • Managing Customer onboarding and Branding
  • Managing Rating Matrices and Calculation and Insurance Product authorization

User Management:

Interface for the insurance provider company users to define and manage users within their organization along with relevant roles and permissions

  • Roles can be Agents, Underwriter, Accounts, Finance, Manager, Claims Adjuster etc.

Product Management:

Interface for the insurance provider company users to deal with Onboarding and maintenance of Insurance Products that caters the areas like Event cancellation, Event Liability, Wedding event etc. on the proposed platform. Insurance provider companies basically manages all their products from this interface

  • Define product types, categories, Global configurations for product, language settings for Product
  • Manage rules, rates, and matrices related to the defined product
  • Manage premium and commission details for the defined product
  • Manage knowledge center that provides the necessary information on a product

Rating Management:

Interface for the insurance provider company users to manage the rules and calculations for determining pricing, rate and premium on a quote/ risk. It also includes the rules that route proposal to special acceptance underwriting

  • Manage Rules, Rating matrices
  • Manage Rate as well as premium calculation
  • Workflow management: Interface for the insurance provider company users to manage Risk lifecycle from Proposal generation to Risk Binding to premium settlement.

Manage Proposal, Quotes

  • Manage Risks, Amendments, Cancellation, Documents of Insurance proposal
  • Manage Claims, premium settlement, and notification of the proposal
  • Site Management: It basically deals with the features required for the maintenance of the site such as Audit logs, Dashboard, Reports, documents etc.

Multi-language support for the entire application

  • 4 languages are supported currently, Provision for supporting 20+ languages in the future


The client drew good benefits by virtue of its association with TatvaSoft. Developed web-based portal helped their clients to manage the arsenal of their insurance products with its essential details on a unified platform. Developed portal obsoleted the need for having single platform for each insurance product which was headache for them to maintain and administer. It also addressed the requirement of their customers and facilitated them to handle their insurance proposals and claims efficiently and effortlessly.



  • IIS


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016

Tools & Technology:

  • C#.Net with ASP.NET MVC 5, jQuery, Bootstrap

Third Party Tool:

  • SSRS Reports, Jenkins, SonarQube, MSTest, Moq, Trello, JIRA, Summernote editor, NReco.PdfGenerator, Topshelf, RedGate SQL Compare, helpscout Beacon