Industry: Finance

The client is one of the leading technology innovators in the area of IT Financial Management (ITFM). They deliver next generation business solutions that provide deep cost transparency and business alignment enabling their customers to evaluate multiple decisions on a single platform.


In the present scenario large enterprise organizations demand a very intrinsic and complex type of cost modeling and financial management system; this is not met by their existing ITFM solutions. Customer was looking for a solution that would help service based organizations in budgeting, forecasting and managing accounting data and also fulfill below objectives:

  • A solution for calculating the service based costing and budgeting from Invoices, General Ledger and ELA and forecast future costing model for the services
  • Decision makers can analyse current costing of service and based on that make the future decision for the services
  • A solution that can dynamically change the calculation and set business rules
  • Provide updates on different service drivers and recalibration through budget cost reporting


TatvaSoft designed and developed a Microsoft SharePoint solution named "Financial Information System" having the following features it addressed the objectives and avoided all the limitations of the existing ITFM solution.

  • Configuration data management and management of service details like domains, locations, services, service components, service activities, cost components, data centre and vendor supplier
  • Services: Allow authorized users to manage services; define effective usable capacity which is used in cost calculation
  • Activity Management: Manage different activity of services that is helpful to calculate people cost
  • Asset management: Manage asset data with raw information and cost calculation
  • Invoice Management: Allows authorized user to upload and manage invoices of organization. System validates the file and uploads it on server after successful validation. This module allows viewing and changing the total amount of invoice that could effect on account
  • General Ledger: Authorized user can upload different general ledger for accounting purpose
  • Enterprise Level Agreement (ELA): Authorized user can upload ELA that is used to manage the cost related to software drivers
  • Cost Mapping and Calculation: Map the invoice with the service, service components, and assets. System calculates total cost based on mapping of invoice items with services, service component, and asset with the capacity
  • Recalibration: Recalibration process is executed based on the current values of the services and the actual GL details uploaded by the user. System takes the value of the current period and finds the variance and distributes it in the invoice items. So the cost gets reflected and cost is set according to GL
  • Service Budget Report: Final budget cost reports for the drivers for different service after recalibration for different months


  • Web Server: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server
  • Technology: Microsoft SharePoint, C#
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server


TatvaSoft succeeded in delivering a user-friendly and secured application that helped client in better management of financial documents, baseline service cost and generate service budget. In addition, system facilitates easy mapping of account statement with service cost that resulted in improved decision making process.