The client needed a community website that offered multiple activities to members. Funfinder's Community Website is for meeting like-minded persons and checking out events to hang out. On this website, people can have fun as they can try out new things. Our client wanted a community platform where many activities can be explored in different areas of sports, wine and dine, adventure, action, creative fields, entertainment or just to meet online friends.


Our client required a website for different activities for the fun finder community. FunFinders' community website is a social adventure club that offers ordinary people an opportunity to do extraordinary activities in fun and relaxed environment. FunFinders' community website is developed for the people who are looking for an adrenalin rush, a creative outlet, a change of scenery or simply a chance to meet like-minded friends.

"The only motive for developing this website was to get more out of life with more fun and friendships, adventure and excitement, stimulation and enjoyment.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Cropping of images using AJAX
  • City wide events management and integration with photo shopping tool


Core features of FunFinders:

  • Profile management
    • Mailbox
    • My Friends
    • Match function based on matching interest
    • Birthday and other events management
  • Create, host and manage events
  • Find, invite and meet members
  • Find and join various fun groups
  • User-friendly chat rooms
  • Share and purchase photos
  • Referral program
  • Latest news and activities
  • Latest uploads


FunFinders' community website offers two distinct options to form the friendship and have fun

  • Country-wide online social club offering a huge choice of events and groups organized exclusively by a member for other members.
  • Local FunFinders' Community Website collaborates with different cities in Australia; provides them the diverse monthly calendar of FunFinders' Community events to choose from. These events are conducted by professional and personal coordinators whose main goal is to ensure that you are safe and having fun.

FunFinders' community website is not a dating service. It is simply a facilitator of good times. In this modern era of rigid work schedules and increasing time constraints, FunFinders' Community website has made the process of meeting and mingling with new people as relaxed and natural as possible.


Server :

  • Windows Server

Application Server :

  • Apache

Programming Language :

  • PHP

Database :

  • MySQL

Scripting Language :

  • AJAX