Industry: Others(Sport)

The client is based in Finland and majorly connected with sports activities. He wanted to develop online sport's ground booking app which let users book their favorite court in just a few clicks. The client wished to develop highly featured and well-designed app which offers online reservations for courts. One of the greatest challenges of creating the application was booking can be done from both website and application and they both are synchronized with each other.


"Ground Booking Application" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Secure login to user's account
  • Map based search
  • Quick Booking
  • Fast and secure payment
  • Add review and rating
  • Build App with dual language
  • Easily accessible by anyone and at any time
  • Real-time chat for customer support


TatvaSoft fulfilled client's aim by developing mobile application "Ground booking app" offers following features which include:

  • Login with existing social media accounts
  • Region as well as current user location based venues/courts searching
  • View amenities, pricing, reviews & ratings of venues
  • Select the game and choose venues/courts
  • Access and view all details of available courts with Google Map
  • Manage and show availability of courts
  • Provide a frictionless booking process for your users
  • Easily and securely accept payments during the self-serve booking process
  • Ease of cancellations & refunds or resell of booked courts
  • View past and upcoming booking details
  • Real-time Push Notification on booking confirmation and cancellation
  • Multi-lingual App Support - English and Finnish for customers of US and Finland
  • Regular updates of NEWS feeds from various sources using Tennis. Life API
  • Marking specific venue as favorite while exploring venues
  • Live chat for customer support & help by using an intercom


  • Operating System : iOS, Android
  • Device Support : iPhone and Android Mobiles
  • Tools & Technologies : React Native, API, Intercom


Ground booking app is designed keeping in mind all the major features demanded. The app covers facility for racquet sports (tennis, squash, and badminton) clubs together so users can find and book available courts within seconds. It is the open Table for racquet sports providing easiest way to find and book the court and even discover activities nearer.

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