The client is a major health insurance company offering solutions that fill the gap in the market. They design, develop and continuously evolve the tool that helps injury management staff to provide best practice to their organisation in a standardised, recurring and sustainable manner.


The client needed a system to manage the records of injury related claims and manage the complete workflow. The system was intended to be developed in such a way that it reduces paperwork and the excess use of excel spreadsheets. Moreover, it should allow organizations to effectively and efficiently report and manage their workplace injuries, workers' compensation claims, return to work processes (RTW) and payroll reimbursements.

Key objectives of developing the online system were:

  • Complete visibility of all injuries
  • Capture, track and manage claims
  • Allow multiple users in all states of Australia
  • Maintain centralized data repository
  • Facilitate comprehensive reporting and analysis
  • Develop an online management system that allows the user to access their injury related data and facilities.
  • Design the system with pre-populated forms, automated alerts, automatic RTW plans and payroll reimbursement documents to save a lot of time and also reduce paperwork.
  • Build a highly secured system guide - which guides the user through the injury management process
  • Build a system with total transparency to provide complete visibility of all workplace injuries and worker compensation claims.
  • Develop a comprehensive, customizable reporting and analysis tool which enables users to filter, sort and instantly export the latest information as PDF, Excel or Word documents.


TatvaSoft has developed a solution which consists of two major modules - Health Insurance and Safety Management.

The major functionalities of both modules are:

  • Health Insurance
    • 128 Bit SSL protected login the environment
    • Managing all injuries and return to work processes
    • Support real-time capturing, tracking and managing claims information
    • Pre-populated forms having the same look and feel as a paper copy for RTW
    • Auto-calculate payroll or invoice or reimbursement of injury as per the set up policy
    • Facilitate multiple users support
    • Provides automated on-screen and email alerts
    • Centralized data repository for all workplace injuries and claims
    • Having comprehensive reporting and analysing tools
  • Safety Management
    • 128 Bit SSL protected login the environment
    • Managing all type of incidence and hazards
    • Support real-time capturing, tracking and managing incidence approval and action information
    • Auditing facility for inspection of incidence and prepare audit reports
    • Facilitate multiple users support
    • Provides automated on-screen and email alerts
    • Comprehensive reporting and analysing tools


This system has eliminated paperwork completely and is delighting customers from various vertical segments in Australia. This comprehensive system has also reduced the cost of operations, increased productivity and response time as well as facilitated real-time reporting from any part of Australia.



  • Microsoft ASP.Net, VB.Net, SQL Telerik web control, jQuery, MS Ajax, Control Toolkit, Email2DB


  • Microsoft SQL Server

External Tools or Components:

  • DevExpress Report and ComponentArt UI controls