The client is based in Norway and has been in a vehicle business for the construction site. With a wide range of vehicles for different Project, sites client has been providing a vehicle service and keeping track of all vehicles.


The client wished to create a Logistic Management from where the client can track vehicles and its specifics easily through a single interface. Separate modules for mechanic and driver user to get updated with vehicle issues and its availability.

"Logistic Management" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Track vehicles and its details in real-time.
  • Update vehicle issue to mechanic user to get it resolved
  • Maintain work order history along with vehicle service and supplier details
  • Besides, to track work order issue, a mechanic user to manage his overtime, additional things that were needed to resolve the issue
  • Real-time internal chat
  • Friendly to the environment-reduced use of paper
  • Easily accessible from the internet at any time


Logistic Management is developed to manage all vehicles used for construction project sites. It is an online system used mainly by three roles; Driver, Mechanic and Admin. Before going to the site, Driver can check their vehicle and if any issue found, register into the system. Admin will view and assign those issues to a mechanic for repair called Work Order. The mechanic has their own dashboard where they can view latest work orders assigned to them. They resolve the issue and same is getting updated in the system.

Below are highlights of features available to individual roles:


  • Choose project location, the vehicle then checks the vehicle before going to the site and fill daily checklist.
  • Register an issue along with an image, if any problem found in the vehicle.
  • Real-ime chat with driver, mechanic and admin.
  • View status of the issue (discussed/ resolved) registered by them.


  • Dashboard - view work orders assigned by admin in real time.
  • View daily checklist submitted by drivers
  • Start/stop work order, after resolved the issue send for approval to admin
  • View history of remaining issues/ critical issue/ minor issues
  • If found any issue with the vehicle - register it, add users if he wants the help of other users, add materials if he used additional material to complete the work order.
  • If had over time then add hours in work order for extra pay


  • Manage user (Driver and Mechanic) accounts and assign system module rights
  • View history of issues generated by the driver with status & timestamp
  • Manage different project sites, manage all vehicles details along with its GPS location
  • Create a work order for the mechanic and approve the work order once done.
  • View history records of work orders and its detail with status.
  • Manage vehicle stocks for project sites, track vehicle services specifics and vehicle certification data


Client gained immense benefits from TatvaSoft's end-to-end services that accelerated client's business and created the cost-savings solution. TatvaSoft successfully developed a richly formatted real-time logistic system for the vehicle used for Construction sites that reduce the probability of issues in logistics during operation on site and help to get maximum operations from available logistics. By using real-time system client get the better output in terms of time and revenue.


Tools & Technologies:

  • Symfony, PHP, AngularJS, Mobile jQuery, JavaScript socket


  • MySQL

Web Server:

  • Apache