Client is one of the leading mining companies having a global presence. Three of its mining businesses are based in South Africa focusing on platinum, iron ore and Thermal Coal. Their portfolio of high-quality mining assets includes precious, base and bulk commodities. Commitment to safety, operational excellence and sustainable development support. Their ambition is to be world's largest mining company.


The client wanted to automate the business process from quote generation to job inspection across their and/or their customers' mining units.

They were looking for a web-based solution that fulfils their need with following major objectives:

  • The system should automate ordering process starting from quote generation to job order conversion.
  • A complete job management solution that manages job assignment, job scheduling, job Inspection and timesheet management.
  • End user should customise quotation and reports as per their need.


TatvaSoft implemented "Mining Survey" based on Microsoft technology with following modules:

  • Quotation
    • Enables user to track quotation from its creation, amendments, approval to conversion into a job order
    • Import quotation from the external data source
    • Ability to manage performers who will work on the job with their shift, working hours and schedule details
    • Customisable InfoPath forms facilitate to generate quote considering various cost elements such as job efforts, instruments, consumables, accommodation and transportation for each performer
    • Generate and print final Quotation
  • Scheduling
    • An interactive calendar facilitates to manage job activities, meetings and leaves effectively
    • Easy to check the availability of performer before assigning any job or activity
    • Ability to re-schedule or postpone jobs
  • Timesheet
    • A performer can manage time investment on various activities specific to a job
    • Easy to track and compare time spent for a job against total job duration
  • Customizable Reports
    • Customizable reporting using XSN
    • Various reports on Quotations, Jobs and Timesheets
  • Administration
    • Workflow management for quotation approval process
    • Ability to define rates for different business units
    • Verify time sheet filled up by performers
    • Design quotation document that will be used to print and send quotation to the customer
    • Ability to manage customer details
    • Facility to set up basic information and settings for the system such as business units, currencies, offices, starting number for quotation, order and WBS, etc.


With the help of "Mining Survey" client is enjoying following benefits:

  • Quotations are provided in time
  • No loss of any quote or data due to the transparency of the system
  • Time investment of various users is effectively tracked which is helping the upper management on planning various activities
  • Customizable Reports has helped them to get the right information at the right time
  • Job scheduling and monitoring has been much easier than manual processes



  • ASP.Net, C#, InfoPath


  • Microsoft SQL Server