Mobile Apps

  • Category: Web and Mobile App, Windows RT App
  • Industry: Education
  • Technologies: ASP.Net, C#, WPF, Windows Phone, Windows RT, iOS and Android

A web application, as well as mobile app and Windows RT, enabled a desktop application for assessor and learner, known as e-Assessor based on Microsoft .Net platform.

Hotel Revenue Management
  • Category: Web Application
  • Industry: Travel & Hospitality
  • Technologies: MVVM, ORM, Silverlight, Expression Blend, C#, iOS

A web application that facilitates hotelier to register on the portal and using the information in an effective way and thereby providing them with a competitive advantage.

Mobile ERP
  • Category: Android Application
  • Industry: Finance, Retail
  • Technologies: Android OS, SQLite

Implemented mobile ERP in Android solution to handle daily activities effectively for SaaS-based ERP solution.

Birthday Walk
  • Category: Android Application
  • Industry: Travel
  • Technologies: GPS, Android OS, SQLite

A mobile application developed for a UK based client which guides users in a walk through a famous tourist destination in England and captures various data in it in offline mode.

Plant Guide
  • Category: Android & iPhone Application
  • Industry: Botany
  • Technologies: Android OS, iOS, SQLite

A mobile application which is developed with the aim to promote the botany education and spread the awareness and educate users about the same.

Sleep Baby
  • Category: Android Application
  • Industry: Health & Fitness
  • Technologies: Android OS, SQLite

A mobile application which is efficient in giving useful information which helps in creating a safe sleeping environment for babies through various features.

Coffee Gourmet
  • Category: iPhone Application
  • Industry: Food & Drink
  • Technologies: iOS, SQLite

A case study that highlights how TatvaSoft developed a custom iOS app (specifically for iPhones) that would allow users to write reviews about coffee shops.

Art & Craft App
  • Category: iPad Application
  • Industry: Education
  • Technologies: iOS, SQLite

A creative app designed for small children for enhancing their artistic skills in drawing and coloring.

Play Golf
  • Category: iPhone Application
  • Industry: Sports
  • Technologies: iOS, SQLite

An iOS based application designed for a golf academy which analyses and display various statistics for the data entered by golf players and their coach.

Loan Information
  • Category: Mobile Application
  • Industry: Finance
  • Technologies: iOS and Android OS

This application acted as a platform to manage the loan system and allow their customers to contact them and make an inquiry according to the needs.

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