Australia based client is a professional horticulturist with over 20 years of experience in all facets of the industry. The client began collecting the resources for horticulture students and home gardeners to provide a quality database.


Client wished to create a highly featured online and offline data glossary for plants to add the botany knowledge values in the education industry. The aim to provide availability of entire data in offline mode was the biggest challenged faced by the software professionals. There were some unexpected behaviours observed while the data is synchronised which were further investigated and resolved by downloading the data in the local database in the presence of internet.

With this approach of synchronizing the data, below goal and objectives which are of the prime considerations were achieved:

  • Platform to demonstrate information of thousands of plants
  • Easy to search the plant's information
  • Detailed information about each plant's along with the types of diseases, pest and images
  • Dictionary support for searching the terminology of botany
  • Awareness about the plants by browsing the images
  • Option to download the selected plant's details in the application and refer it without internet


A rich formatted mobile application was brought into existence keeping in mind client's aim and requirements.

Giving a platform to client's needs TatvaSoft successfully delivered a mobile application "Plant Guide" for iOS and Android platform accommodating the below features:

  • Visual browser which helps to scroll through the plants pictorially, and sort them by botanic or common names
  • Detailed photos for each plant, highlighting growth habit of the mature plant, along with botanic features
  • 42 categories of essential information covering all cultivation requirements and botanic features
  • TALK feature for all species, with voice pronunciation and phonetic spelling of botanic names
  • Pest and disease information linked to each plant species
  • Name search function is available within three separate screens - search using common, botanic, family and scientific names
  • Simple search function allows plants to be selected based on practical and simple-use
  • Advanced search capability, including multiple nested search functions on all botanic features, with glossaries
  • Dictionary arranged in the chronological order with the definition of various botany terms
  • Ability to download the selected plants in the local memory of the application for offline access
  • Professionals, students and home gardeners can create and save unlimited selected plant lists that can be shared via e-mail, Facebook or Twitter
  • Help and FAQs access to registered users
  • E-mail reports are PDFs for professional presentation


The efforts that client has put in collecting the database about plants became more fruitful once when it was brought into existence in the form of iPhone and Android mobile application with the help of TatvaSoft's expertise in the respected platforms. TatvaSoft successfully industrialized a rich formatted application consuming its database which was enthusiastically taken up by students, professionals and state and local government agencies.


Operating System:

Device Support :

  • Android Mobiles and iPhone


  • SQLite

Programming Language & Tools

  • Java & Eclipse, Swift & Xcode