The client provides end to end IT solutions - Hardware, Software and Networking to Retail, Hospitality and Security industries. They offer services such as software development, system acquisition, installations, integration and maintenance to 400 reputed customers countrywide.


The client has keen desire to accelerate his growth and stand distinguished from his competitors. He is looking for a software solution that bridges the gap between hospitality and customers by eliminating the use of pen-paper and automating all the transactions that are performed in chains of restaurants.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • From easing the tedious task of ordering to delivering food on the table, intelligent POS systems should track warehouse and inventory details
  • Devising a system that will eliminate all the manual work
  • Support for touchscreen user interface of sales counter and kitchen screen
  • Integrating kitchen, bar and store of multiple restaurants


TatvaSoft designed client-server based windows application named Restaurant POS System that was effectively managing the restaurant business having following features:

  • Members login to the website that is connected with the central database through API.
  • Different price discounts for business members, retails members and non-members as per their user role.
  • Search for available flights, hotels and cars through advanced search
  • List of available Flights that can be filter and sort as per user convenience like user can sort flights by price, duration, flight type, etc.
  • View detailed fare breakdown along with flight detail, all the details like flight departure, layover and other important information
  • Add flight ticket to cart and it will show return available flight list so the user can book both from a single place.
  • Checkout process with specifying user details that is as per the passport and can confirm the booking online.
  • Can pay through using full reward point, full payment or combination of both rewards points and credit/debit card
  • List of Hotels with its rating, the user can filter and sort the listing based on rating, price, etc. view hotel details, its address, rating, amenities, photos and can view other user's review.
  • Available room type in the hotel, view its policy and to select any room type, view hotel location on the map.
  • As per field selection in the search form, it display list of car service provider and the user can view their details, can book them.
  • User can also book packages, those Packages divided in Family, Local, beach and international categories. And the further user can filter holiday packages, view package offering details and its price.
  • For any conferencing enquiry, the user can fill a form with personal details, conference information and can send to admin. Admin will directly contact user then.
  • Redirecting to other third websites for Visa, Insurance, Forex and online check-in information.
  • Till Interface for Multiple sales counter can be configured in one restaurant which manages front office activities like Placing an Order, Cancel or Reject an Order, Table Reservation, Manage Tables, Bill Generation, Cash Collection, Home Delivery and Pick up orders, etc.
  • As soon order is placed at the sales counter, Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) is created and sent directly to the kitchen.
  • PC Name, IP address and MAC address will use to restrict the use of the front office. Front office software can only run on the specified machine here.
  • Touch-enabled Kitchen Screen displays tile wise KOT details with required time for cooking, highlighted if it is delayed and also display recipe instructions. The kitchen users can inform sales counter for served item and KOT.
  • Purchase module facilitates to manage and automate purchase process from goods requisition, purchase order, goods receiving, received goods verification, goods return to supplier invoice
  • Catering module enables to manage catering orders. The user can create, amend and confirm catering quotation; the track is taken and returned equipment and items for a catering order and generate an invoice.
  • Inventory allows one to set up material details, price as well as manage and trace stock of materials for multi stores and individual stores of kitchens and bars. It manages inventory transactions such as store requisition, internal stock transfer between store to kitchen and bar and vice versa, opening stock, physical stock intake, physical stock adjustment, bottle to tot conversion and spoilt materials and damaged equipment.
  • Semi-finished Item enables to process and manage semi-finished food based on recipe or material wise and update the raw material and semi-finished item stock accordingly
  • Customer Loyalty and Membership helps restaurants to enhance customer relationship and retain customers by providing special benefits such as happy hours, gift voucher and loyalty point plans to their loyal customers and members.
  • Using Accounting module, the user can set Charts of Accounts (COA), Tax, Vat, exchange currency rates, bank accounts. It is a place where the user can manage the accounts and track all in and out transactions done across different branches of the restaurants as well as reconcile them with the bank statement.
  • Configuration allows restaurants to set up different settings and master information such as restaurant branches, their associate kitchens, bars and stores; customer, supplier and staff information; schedule of staff shifts; recipe and their ingredients with cooking instructions and selling price
  • In-depth Reports and MIS provides you with all cross-over information you need to make right decisions.


Fully automated Restaurant POS system, with touch screen facility for sales counters, has helped the client to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control. Streamlining every process has helped us restructure their entire flow in a well-organized form. Monitoring and maintaining a track record of every activity is also assisted.



  • Client-Server



  • Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL

External Tools or Components:

  • Crystal Report