Industry: Travel & Hospitality

The client offers services and proven innovative sales and marketing solutions that streamline and support event and group sales in the hospitality industry. With headquarters in United States, the client serves different places like Canada, Mexico, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.


In Hotel industry it becomes mandatory to be aware of various events taking place in the competitive market to be in sync with the competitors. Repetitive task of being updated on same is a time-consuming and demanding work. Verification of the details also becomes equally essential where the information should not be compromised. The client wanted to develop an application which converts their field research data into information and can be sold as a service.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • A powerful search engine and mapping tool that mine massive data of groups, hotels and events
  • Ability to identify undetected personalised leads
  • Automate and smoothen sales processes from lead generation to event planning and meeting management
  • Updates on all the upcoming events on a daily basis for the competitor hotels
  • Automate the process of phone verification of entered details about events
  • Resize and compress images without affecting its resolution


Based on client's powerful field research, TatvaSoft implemented "Sales Automation Tool" encompassing following three major modules. Each of following module addresses different sales and marketing activities - lead generation to meeting management.

  • Search Engine
    • Advanced and powerful search engine with multiple search option which allow users to search Groups, Hotels and people within their subscribed regions on Google map as well as can export the search results for further reporting
    • Score and set indicators to Groups and Hotels as per importance and compatibility with the property
    • Get all the information required for a successful lead
    • Get entire event booking history of a Group
    • Endorse other user's qualities as well as Groups' attribute same as provided in LinkedIn
    • Enhanced contact information and network by social networking activities such as post text, photos, tagging, add information regarding any Groups using URL crawler, comment on a post, share-like-dislike post, create communities and favourite or reject Groups, Hotels and people with in the region
  • Appointment and Meeting Planner
    • Manage generated lead and turn those opportunities into event bookings and plan for the groups on daily basis
    • Facility to have detailed group information such as contact info, event history, compatibility with your property, and discover similar groups
    • Calendar facilitates to schedule appointments and keep you safe from missing any appointment
    • Book and plan events including menu, meeting space and table configuration
    • Reports with combining the powerful Google search engine with mapping technology
    • Forecasting and Bench Marking offers functionalities such as event booking request, Shopping cart and view all on-going and appointment requests and updates
  • Board Reader
    • Users can perform search on Groups, Events and subscribed hotels and get up-to-date via daily feeds of various hotels
    • Telephone verification status pertaining to various Hotels can be readily accessed
    • Display events for a particular hotel on particular day on a calendar
    • Information on number of new leads and notes generated can help management to remain updated on the business
    • Display hot leads for selected users
    • Facility to directly contact support executive and chat live for any support
    • The application is in three languages Deutsch, Russian and English
    • It contains a shopping cart to purchase group and online payment option to perform review for hotels or for phone verification
    • Reports and graph provides insight over the business with option to change graph type


  • Technology: Microsoft ASP.Net, C#, VB.Net
  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server
  • External Tools or Components: Telerik, DayPilot


Verified information and analytics available from "Sales Automation Tool" helped Hotels to identify their potential customer groups and accordingly they streamlined and built competitive strategies. It has put Hotels one step ahead from their competitors. Automated sales activities has enhanced the productivity, efficiency and reduced time from lead to customer conversion.