The client is one of the prominent leaders in the education industry and runs a group of schools and colleges that are constantly working on the development and introduction of the means available to education.


In order to manage schools and colleges efficiently, the client wished to develop a customized School Information System. The system should help to monitor different activities of students and the teachers digitalised administration work and help students in their upbringing.

"School Information System" has a wide range of goal and objectives out of which the prime considerations are listed below:

  • Assists schools with the difficult task of disseminating important information to students and their parents
  • Provide a platform to give teachers additional resources
  • Secure login to school and teachers for viewing their daily activities
  • Message notification system to improve communication between teachers and management
  • A centralized system where all the schools' staff can execute their daily tasks, and where the management is able to gather real-time data about all the schools' operations
  • Management of various activities of a school like the creation of school curriculum, attendance management, etc.


TatvaSoft developed a cloud-based web application "School Information System" which offers following features:

  • Supports three different languages - English, Arabic, French.
  • Capable of handling multiple organisations efficiently.
  • A content management system displaying school information, help guides, resources, personal note section for recording miscellaneous information.
  • Creation of school curriculum which includes timetable of the whole year and events.
  • Class and seat distribution for the students which ensures each and every student gets equal attention by the teachers.
  • Timetable management which ensures that the teachers are allocated to the appropriate subject.
  • A calendar functionality featuring class times, extra-curricular activities, special meetings (examinations, detentions, examination assemblies, parent teacher interviews, etc.), student initiated appointments (study time, external activities, personal appointments).
  • Dynamic paper generation results in the generation of students according to defined promotion criteria.
  • Dynamic assessment is performed using the dynamic algorithm.
  • Portfolio management of every student so that the supervisor can keep track on the progress of the students.
  • Report generation which gives analytics on HR, operations and financial data of the schools.
  • Admin will have directory search functionality to search students, parents, guardian, teachers across different organisations.
  • Dynamic menu creation and ability to set the display order.
  • Administrative feature includes management of school account, user account or groups, access privileges of users or groups, calendar, school information, CMS management and global school settings.
  • Help pages for all the users to understand the system.


School Information System helped to improve the quality and efficiency of services provided to students and their parents. In addition, due to centralisation coordination among different departments was improved and school management has clear operations and financial information across the school and college network.



  • PHP


  • MySQL