In today's fast-paced global business scenario, organisations need easily accessible, scalable and cost-effective software services. Cloud technology serves this purpose with its inherent characteristics like speed, agility, scalability, responsiveness and above all, cost-effectiveness. Organisations are willing to leverage these benefits of cloud technology but are often not sure how to do so.

At TatvaSoft, we offer our expertise and years of experience to deliver the best possible Cloud Application Development service based on your requirements and long-term business goals. We have successfully delivered SaaS-based ERP and other products, using cloud platform. We also provide Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Office365, and other services in addition to Salesforce® implementation and customization service.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Advisory Services

    Our cloud technology experts carry out an in-depth analysis of your existing IT infrastructure and business requirements and advice on the cloud strategies, roadmap, and selection of the right platform.

  • Cloud Application Development Services

    We have expertise in developing and deploying cloud applications using industry standard tools and technologies, with other on-premise or cloud applications.

  • Cloud Integration Services

    We have expertise in integrating applications for scenarios like on-premise to cloud, cloud to on-premise and cloud to cloud.

  • Cloud Migration and Implementation Services

    Our cloud migration and implementation services include creating private clouds, migration to public clouds, SaaS enablement, and implementation on PaaS/IaaS.

  • Cloud Management Services

    Utilizing our years of experience in offshore development and management, we offer you great flexibility and options to manage and monitor the mission-critical applications on cloud ecosystem.

Cloud Services Expertise

We offer cloud services build on below mentioned technologies:


Cloud Services Experience

We have successfully delivered cloud-based solutions across multiple domains using cloud-services like:

  • AWS S3, AWS Messaging Service, AWS Cloudwatch and AWS Codedeploy are applied in the Digital Content Distribution Platform for storing media files, powerful message delivery, tracking metrics & monitoring changes and automating the deployment of updates to Amazon EC2 instances respectively.
  • To manage and set-up relational database in cloud and sync both database tasks, Amazon Relational Database Service is utilized in media storefront solution.
  • For SaaS-based solution developed to inspect buildings, we implemented S3 service for storing images and documents between multiple sites. The data can be accessed from all sites.
  • Elastic Search is implemented for full-text search, auto-completer and analytics store in a media based application possessing massive data.
  • For fast deployment and future easy scaling, AWS Elastic Beanstalk has been used for NGO application.
  • Effectively implemented S3 service of AWS for fast storing and retrieval of images for the crowd-funding website.

Check out business positive outcomes achieved by our software development service using cutting-edge Cloud Development Services.

To meet the ever- increasing consumer demands and adapt new technologies, look no further than TatvaSoft.

Cloud Services Case Studies

Digital Distribution Platform
ASP.Net Angular, MS SQL Server, Elastic Search, Bonita, AWS S3, Reach Engine, PING, RabbitMQ

Digital Distribution Platform

A web portal that has streamlined the method of filmmaker's film distribution across different platforms and territories...

Store Front Manager
ASP.Net Angular, MS SQL Server, Elastic Search, Bonita, AWS S3, Reach Engine, PING, RabbitMQ

Store Front Manager

Storefront Manager consists of three modules that will allow content owners to search, update, and market their media...

e-learning Organization Portal
PHP, Moodle, WordPress, MySQL

e-learning Organization Portal

A SaaS-based learning portal for Organizations that allow them to manage courses as well as provide the communication...

Why TatvaSoft?

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    CMMI ML 3 Software Development Company

  • Microsoft gold

    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

  • Experience

    18+ Years of IT Experience

  • Expertise

    Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

  • Relationship

    Approach to build long term relationship

  • Exposure

    Global exposure and diverse expertise

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    Onshore-offshore model

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    Proper Hierarchy and Escalation path


What is cloud application development?

The cloud application development where cloud-based and local components work together that offer significant control over the resources including hardware infrastructure (IaaS), software infrastructure (PaaS), and software development (SaaS) itself.

Is all the web applications are cloud applications?

All cloud applications are essentially web applications, but the vice versa is not true.

Why Should I trust TatvaSoft for my cloud project?

We are the leading Cloud application development Company with more than 19+ years of development experience trusted by many companies from SMEs to fortune 500.

What are the different platforms you are using for cloud development?

We are using Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud.

What makes TatvaSoft Different?

Security Focussed Cloud Application Development

We have got well trained experts who always keep an eye on latest development trends for the latest server-side languages, databases, and IDEs.

Enterprise-grade delivery practices

Agile Processes Focussed

How can you help me with my cloud migration needs?

You can hire our highly-skilled cloud software developers who will help and guide you to migrate your existing system to the cloud based system.