Asset Management Application


Our client is a leading Oil, Gas and mining company serving multiple companies of varying sizes and industries across varied geographies. With increasing oil-fields and manpower managing the activities in Oil and gas industry, the client needed to create a maintenance system that would manage complex assets and generic EAM solutions. The client faced a major challenge in storing the details of multiple oil-gas and fields based on specific bifurcating criteria. Manual management was another added up challenge for managing assets. The only solution the client could think of was to automate the process and maintain a log system for each transaction or process.

Some of the major challenges faced by the client to manage these oil fields and their processes were:

  • Retrieve assets from the P21 system and organize them based on their certification
  • Ensure system security by controlling its access
  • Organize the assets based on their different categories
  • Attributes creation for all asset types
  • Provide dynamic creation of the form fields and unit types
  • Display news dynamically across various platforms
  • Assets location tracking and management
  • A detailed view of the completed work by the assets

Thus the client decided to streamline all their processes using a web-based application for their large distributor of various industrial products. This application has helped clients to automate their asset distribution process deployed in various areas. With TatvaSoft’s vast experience in this domain, our client approached our business development executives to discuss the plan and scope of work.


Tools & Technology

  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • MS SQL Server


TatvaSoft did a root cause analysis to identify the major requirements and developed an Asset Management System that helped the client in efficiently handling their asset distribution process and scheduled their upcoming allocation process. This type of software will help organizations track many types of assets across various locations and help businesses increase efficiency and productivity through timely maintenance and repairs. Our developed application is designed and developed with the following features.

Core module/features

  • User Management This module manages users’ and their accessibility. This will clearly demonstrate which users can access Assets or manage their own assigned assets. Customers also can check with assets that are mapped with them. Also, roles & rights are managed.
  • Customer Management List of customers and managed customer profiles with all the detailed information about the associated assets, contact details, etc.
  • Asset Management List of Assets associated with each customer. Also, a team that manages inspection due for assets, newly-added assets and scrap the assets.
  • Category and Attributes & Form Dynamic form features designed to setup inspection forms.
  • Location Features to set up the Locations of customers to track their assets.
  • Lookup Management Setup functionality, to manage with Employee, Customer’s Employee and few other functionalities.
  • Dashboard Users can see all associated Assets, maps with inspection date, expiry date.
  • Reports Several reports can be developed using this feature to provide details about associated assets, inspection details, inspection detailed reports, etc.
  • Asset Import Allowed assets import from the P21 system under the Certified and Uncertified category. Also allowed the manual creation of assets and maintaining their status.
  • Scheduling Schedule management to track the asset location, and view asset details like certifications, category, certification inspection date, and results.

Additionally, we also facilitated the application with multiple other features such as

  • Allowed assets import from the P21 system under the Certified and Uncertified category (through MS SQL Staging Database). Also, allowed the manual creation of assets and maintaining their status.
  • Facilitated roles-based access control of the system.
  • Modeled category-based asset allocation in a hierarchical structure constituting main category, sub-category, inactive category, and attributes.
  • Set up various attributes and assigned them to a category.
  • Allowed creating different types of fillable form fields and different unit types.
  • Supported dynamic news display on the global platform and customer-based platform.
  • Schedule management to track the asset location, and view asset details like certifications, category, certification inspection date, and results.
  • A work history facility to view the details of the asset’s work.
  • Other facilities included employee and customer account management.
  • Provided a CRM platform to display the customer details and track their various activities


To meet the client’s business demand, TatvaSoft developed an Asset Management System that manages the asset inventory and automated the asset identification and allocation process. The system constituted a dynamic configuration to proactively manage the assets and standardize the asset life cycle process. Also developed specialized modules to store the asset detail, perform timely analyses, and maintain them using various reports. The solution provided had the following benefits

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Easy to maintain multiple Oil fields
  • Streamlined management
  • Timely maintenance and reporting
  • Maintain exploration of assets

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