The client is a pioneering digital technology company and the leader in introducing touchscreen technologies to the world. Our client leads the technology development arena with cutting-edge tech solutions that are inclusive of physical security and jail management systems apart from other systems. They started their business with nearly two people and now they are a multi-campus management organization with almost all types of operating departments like engineering, Marketing & Sales, project management field and service departments, shop and warehouse and criminal justice division. The client already had a single page web-based application system designed specifically to meet the needs of county jails. But unable to match the needs of the existing environment, the client decided to enhance the current application and make it feature-rich. The sole aim to develop this application was to generate a secure channel of viewing and managing information of prisoners, duty guards and other users of this Jail System Management.

This Jail Management System is designed to meet the above-mentioned functions and thus keeping that in mind we developed some of these prime features:

  • A system capable of managing information as well as reports.
  • Remote Access to data.
  • Web-based application transformation from desktop software.
  • Form options from static to dynamic along with mobile compatibility.
  • A web-based solution that is adaptive, innovative, lightweight and capable of catering to the needs of different types.
  • A system should also be highly reliable and scalable to protect the client data.
  • Individual modules for the specific task.
  • All menus are configurable.
  • Drag n Drop Functionality.
  • Single Page Web Application.


Tools & Technology

  • .NET
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • WCF Services
  • Crystal Reports
  • CSS
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • DHTMLX Grid
  • Select2 Controls


By partnering with TatvaSoft, the client hired some of the top minds of software development to cater to their business needs. Using .NET as a secured platform of development, we developed an HTML5 browser-based interface adjoined with the Microsoft SQL database which is easily accessible from computers and offers user-friendly features to manage the information related to the inmates, in a highly secure manner. Web solution's simplicity and ease of use make the process of booking and detention rapid. The application works seamlessly with records management systems and other third-party applications promoting information sharing and automating many of the booking and record-keeping tasks of any size detention facility. From intake to release, it helps to ensure due processes and realize higher levels of efficiency throughout your operations.

In addition to the standard features, we also offered clients some additional features of Jail Management for sophisticated management such as shift log, digital imaging, medical tracking, biometric identification, DNA sample tracking and much more. TatvaSoft developed a highly cost-effective and staff-efficient solution for inmate and offender record-keeping for jails of any size for management. Following are the features offered by our solution:

Standard Features

  • Inmate Modules This module covers functions such as Inmate Summary Information, Admissions/Intake, Personal Information, Inmate Contacts and Visitation, Billing and Charges/Holds, Classification Screening, Inmate Fund and logs, Intermittent Sentences, Housed out Tracking, Disciplinary and Health Services.
  • Imaging ModuleThis module has automatic crop and zoom functionality, with other sharp digital images of scars, marks and tattoos.
  • Scanning and importation of documents such as court orders, medical records, etc.

Additional Features of the application includes

  • Complete historical data conversion
  • Barcoding for inmates, security checks, and shift logs
  • Watch Tour Manager Integration
  • Biometrics for inmate searching and release confirmation
  • Easily reorganize menus and sub-tabs (using drag and drop) to match your agency’s operational priorities
  • Create workflows to match your flow of operations
  • Modify menu names, sub-tab names, and field label names per your requirements
  • Add your own fields or any system field to the inmate’s header information
  • Create your own fields and add them to any screen
  • Screen progress indicator shows the status of each screen (e.g. In Progress or Complete)
  • Create, save and reuse your own search criteria and parameters
  • Staff Training Module
  • Work Release Module
  • Grievance Tracking Module
  • Intra-agency Messaging

The functions of each standard feature are listed below for a clearer take on how the application is designed to function and what data it can capture.

Inmate Record Management

  • Admissions/Intake
  • Arrest and Warrant
  • Personal Information
  • Inmate Contacts and Visitation
  • Property and Inmate Fund
  • Threat Group
  • Facility Billing Management
  • Charges/Holds
  • Inmate Release
  • Classification Screening
  • Intermittent Sentences
  • Housed Out Tracking
  • Disciplinary and hearing action management
  • Inmate Logs (Shift Log, Transport Log, Visitation Log, Mail Log and Phone Log)
  • Health Services


  • Fast, professional mugshots
  • Sharp digital images of scars, marks and tattoos
  • Automatic crop and zoom

Other Features

  • Intake and release workflow
  • Document scanning - Court records, Medical records and more.
  • Digital Signature Capture
  • Barcoding for inmates, security checks, and shift logs.
  • Biometrics for inmate searching and release confirmation
  • Grievance Tracking
  • Design Mode
    • Reorganize or create screens for your personnel’s unique job functions.
    • Easily reorganize menus and sub-tabs (using drag and drop) to match your agency’s operational priorities.
    • Modify menu names, sub-tab names, and field label names per your requirements.
    • Add your own fields or any system field to the inmate’s header information.
    • Create your own fields and add them to any screen.
  • Intra-agency messaging


TatvaSoft helped the client to gain huge benefits from our end-to-end development services. TatvaSoft expertise in Intranet services, combined with its deep industry knowledge and expertise has offered the most wide-ranging, user-friendly and rapidly navigating comprehensive business solution. With our Solution, the client was able to

  • Save time in fetching and storing information physically
  • Intricate management of minute information
  • Easy navigating and streamlining Operations
  • Cost-effective and Feature-rich technology Solution
  • Newer revenue Stream, in case of a client, wants to sell the application to other counties
  • Facility to expand and extend in features

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