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Unleash the opportunity to achieve business objectives by building intuitive mobile apps with feature-rich UI using our React native development services. TatvaSoft UK builds customized cross-platform apps using best-in-class libraries, and framework.

Harness the power of React Native with TatvaSoft to develop mobile apps that are robust and extensible like FaceBook. Being an immensely popular scripting language among React native developers, we ensure that our offerings in React Native development services are able to build extra-ordinary, multi-functional mobile apps with optimal performance, live reloading, simpler integration with third-party apps and stable applications. Right from the scratch, we develop platform-intensive applications using the React Native framework to optimize business processes, enhance productivity and reduce time to market.

React Native Development Services

As a leading React Native Development company, we offer a comprehensive range of development services to businesses for building a scalable and portable application.

React Native App Development & Consulting

React Native App Development & Consulting

Utilize the capability of our efficient and skilled resources in the MVP and cross-platform native apps development with a consistent validation on a product idea, iterative approach and improved product performance.

React Native Application Development

React Native Application Development

At TatvaSoft UK, we provide full-fledged React Native application development services by enabling businesses with the right framework, tools and the team that makes their business apps scalable, sustainable and performing.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design

Our experienced React Native developers understand the product in-depth and design a seamless, customer-friendly and interactive User interface that resonates with the idea of product development and adds value to the business.

Backend Engineering

Backend Engineering

TatvaSoft UK proffers businesses with strong backend architectural support and granular detailing for a secure, scalable and robust React Native App that facilitates both iOS and Android users equivocally.

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation

Amplify your resource strength by collaborating with React Native app developers at TatvaSoft UK. Our experienced developers will augment your inhouse strength and maximize profits using their knowledge in the field of mobile app development.

Testing and Maintenance

Testing and Maintenance

Successfully launch your products without worrying about timely updates, or versioning or performance tuning by utilizing our end-to-end React Native app testing and maintenance services to enhance mobile app performance.

React Native Development Case Studies

Our React Native Development portfolio includes a wide range of solutions offering all advanced features with the latest library functions for clients all over the UK as well as the globe.

Doctors To You App

  • React Native
  • Healthcare

Our custom React Native consulting application allows doctors and patients to book their appointments, just a touch away. The appointment booking framework is a convenient approach for enhancing traditional care with unique characteristics such as patient profile, video call consultation, online prescription, and advanced digitized consulting formulas.

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EV Charging Station App

  • React Native
  • Energy & Utility

Magnified charging facility for consumers by developing an E-mobile service app that indicated different charging points for vehicles to charge and reduce pollution. Also, facilitated app users with a web portal that manages drivers, fleets, integrates with charge points and GPS systems and provides payment processing methods.

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Event Management App

  • React Native
  • Media & Entertainment

For an event management business, TatvaSoft developed an innovative smartphone application with superior high-performing features to keep track of industry dynamics and streamline the daunting conference demands and personally answer each member. Using the application for the conference room, clients streamlined their time for meeting preparation and strengthened their emphasis on core competencies.

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React Native Development Experience

Advanced React Native Applications

As a React Native app development company, we specialize in offering advanced solutions to build compatible, cross-platform and custom configurable mobile applications.

  • Custom React Native Applications
  • Cross-platform App Development with iOS/Android SDK
  • Enterprise Application with Deployment
  • Mobile ERP, POS and M-commerce
  • React Native Widget/Extension Development
  • Augmented Reality Apps
  • SaaS-based Application Development
  • Custom Components Development
  • Social Networking App with Instant Messaging, Video and Voice
  • Online Audio / Video Streaming Apps

Technology Stack

Backend Backend

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node
  • Ruby on Rails

Front End Front End

  • React Native

Database Database

  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • CoreData
  • Firebase

DevOps DevOps

  • CI/CD
  • GitHub Actions

Testing Testing

  • Appium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • BrowserStack

Project Management Tools Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft Team

Industries We Serve

Our best-suited custom software services and technical prowess surmount the client’s expectations from all the segments, be it in the ideation phase for start-ups or a medium-scale business tapping on growth opportunities or enterprises continuously pacing up with market dynamics.

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Why TatvaSoft?

Efficient Project Management

Efficient Project Management

We have a knack for technology that comprehends business needs effortlessly to offer solutions with minimal project risks and maximum benefits.

Tangible Outcomes

Tangible Outcomes

We endeavor in a variety of technical skills such as Scrum, ScrumBan and Scaled Agile framework to develop apps that are consistently high-performing.

On-Demand IT staff

On-Demand IT staff

We augment business skills by adding the capabilities of our skilled workforce as per the need of business to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge.

Superior User experience

Superior User experience

Our wide expertise in catering to different markets and meeting their individual needs has made us the most scalable product development business.

Business-Friendly Hiring Models

Take business to the next level by hiring our React Native developers on monthly or fixed-priced models.

Dedicated Team

Hire Team

  • Requirement discussion and team proposition
  • Evaluation and team finalization
  • Dedicated team hiring and engagement

Project Development

  • Agile and Lean software development
  • Project milestones & bi-weekly sprint designs
  • Iterative development and feedback

Project Delivery

  • Cloud and DevOps integration
  • Manual / Automated testing
  • Reliable and Flexible delivery

Fixed Price Model

Project Requirements

  • Requirement gathering and gap analysis
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Project agreement signing

Project Development

  • Agile and Lean software development
  • Project milestones & bi-weekly sprint designs
  • Iterative development and feedback

Project Delivery

  • Cloud and DevOps integration
  • Manual / Automated testing
  • Reliable and Flexible delivery

Hire a dedicated team of React Native Developers

Leverage the resourcefulness and technical capability in comprehending clients challenge and converting into a cutting-edge solution

Flawless Design

Recreate digital experience with creativity and design thinking approach

Design Tools

Effective Code

Apply the best-fit technology framework and codes for unique business requirements.

Code Tools

Easy Communication

Seamless communication with the team for daily records and updates.

Communication Tools

React Native Development FAQs

  • What is the difference between ReactJs and React Native?

    One of the major differences between React Native and React JS is that React native is used for mobile applications while ReactJs works best in web app development. React Native lets us build cross platform apps. ReactJs is a JavaScript library and React Native is an open source UI framework. For Reactjs you will also need some additional webpacks to build unique web interfaces.

  • How do I hire React Native developers?

    The process of hiring React Native developers is followed by three basic steps.

    1. The first step includes gathering all the tasks that you want your team to do.
    2. Based on the list of developers, their skills and experience, you can finalize the team members according to your criteria.
    3. When you are ready to confirm, we will establish a meeting between the two and help you directly communicate with the developers.
  • What does a React Native developer do?

    A react native developer is capable of building different types of high-performing mobile applications using react native libraries and functions.

  • How much does it cost to develop a React Native Project?

    The React Native app development cost is mostly dependent on complexity of the requirements but apart from that, factors such as development platform, potential features, number of resources, and similar aspects also equally contribute in the pricing of a React native development project.

  • Is React Native the Future of Mobile App Development?

    Yes, React Native is the future of hybrid app development as its demand is increasing due to its lightweight, fast, cost-effective, and scalable nature.

  • Can you help me to migrate my existing native app to React Native?

    Definitely, With the help of our expert react native developers you can easily migrate your existing native app to React Native.

  • How much time does it take to develop a React Native mobile app?

    Ideally for any React Native development project, it takes around 6 weeks to some months depending on the scope and complexity of the project. If the project comes with minimal requirements, it will be delivered within the expected time and likewise for larger projects there will be timely deliveries.

  • Do you have service level agreement in place?

    Yes, we do follow service level agreement by signing an NDA with the client at the beginning of the project.

  • Do you provide after-support and maintenance?

    Yes, once the project is completed and deployed, we do offer after support and maintenance service for all the apps developed by our team. It can include anything from bug detection, project optimization, upgrades or any other facility.

  • Which are the companies using React Native?

    React Native has been behind many successful companies which also include fortune 500 companies such as FaceBook, NetFlix, Instagram, Wix and many more.

  • Can you tell us the expertise of your React Native developers?

    Our React Native developers have an in-depth understanding of both JavaScript and Native applications. Using these skills, they develop products across multiple platforms, try to maximize efficiency and improve turnaround time.

  • When can I have ownership of my project?

    Once the project is completed and deployed, the complete ownership of the project belongs to the client. This includes everything from source codes, patents or any other essential documents required for the project.

Global Presence

TatvaSoft UK has top React Native Developers and arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with specialists mastering various technologies.

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