Energy and Utilities

Build scalable, transformative and Next-Gen energy and utility software that offers comprehensive monitoring, performance and efficiency of the equipment.


Changing technology offers simpler and streamlined energy management, optimization, equipment monitoring and agility to quickly adhere to changing government regulations. With our domain expertise, we create apps to combat real-life challenges in the energy and utility sector with a core focus on equipment, their performance and measurements. At TatvaSoft, we help businesses to be rapid with technology trends and offer services such as off-grid systems, energy management, utility billing, meter data management, and forecast utility consumption.

Our Expertise

Our developers have a knack for the software development process and a diversified experience of the domain to develop unique applications

Smart City Software

Utilizing modern technology, TatvaSoft developed Smart City Software on a cloud platform for businesses to run connected devices and manage the operations of the city efficiently. This solution is an integrated platform that offers light management features, air pollution, flood risks and safeguard citizens with reduced utilization of energy with dynamic reporting.

Intelligent Street lights Management

The Smart Street lighting system is changing the way existing city and township providers work. We developed a powerful and robust system that controls monitoring and remote analysis using the ZIGBEE network for a singular lightning system. These systems enhance the user experience, provide security in a cost-effective way.

Electric Vehicle Charging App

EV charging point offers mobility and easy charging options for vehicles and hence more and more businesses are opting for this method. Our developed robust solution facilitates features such as simpler vehicle charging, navigation and a hassle-free payment process and Cloud servers with ChargePoint that uses OCPI for quick and real-time charging and billing.

Reclosure Management Software

Effective management of primary components of smart grid systems such as Overhead Power distribution lines and automatic reclosers for safety and security purposes. Web and mobile applications that offer an environment for users to access and control these reclosers, evaluate historical data, add security settings and automate functions.

Meter Reading Software

Transformed tedious Manual meter reading process that had errors, inconsistency and repetitiveness into an advanced and secure web portal that reads meter accurately, communicate with IoT data controllers to capture data from meters via GPS to get leveraged to the real-time and trustworthy bill management system.

Energy and Utility Case Studies

Achieve measurable business results by utilizing our capability in energy software development. Take a comprehensive look at our client portfolios.

Smart City

  • Node.JS
  • React
  • Energy & Utility

“Smart City Traffic Light Management” application developed for a publicly owned county to generate information about interconnected devices within fingertips. This insightful and cost-effective solution is a consolidated platform to manage city operations and functions using this smart application for different infrastructural and council services of different state counties.

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Relays Management Software

  • .NET
  • Energy & Utility

Empowered leading Technology Solution provider with a new-edge CMS solution by reengineering the windows-based application that is high-performing and compatible in both online/offline mode. Our developed remarkable features offered clients easier installation, newer communication protocol, improved process management and real-time data access.

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Renewable Energy Credit Trading

  • Xamarin
  • Energy & Utility

TatvaSoft developed a robust and scalable trading platform for our leading digital technology company to help registered solar retailers in managing their daily operations, manage installation and trade STC's effortlessly. Tap below to know how this cost-effective solution efficiently looks after all trading, streamline overall management and significantly improve processes.

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Global Presence

TatvaSoft UK has arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with our specialists mastering various technologies.

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