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Discover the potential of IT in the Oil, Gas & mining sector by developing connected end-to-end digital solutions to solve complicated business challenges.


The Oil and Gas Industry holds strategic importance among all other industries and is extremely influential in all other spheres of the economy. The key challenges faced by this industry demand a rapid advancement in mining operations. Challenges include crude price fluctuation, regulatory compliance changes, sales numbers fluctuate and the shift in the demand for technology for an integrated IT solution to significantly improve effectiveness and efficiency in mining operations. TatvaSoft has proven records of custom software development in the mining industry to monitor equipment conditions and control equipment performance in order to draw a competitive advantage of technology to our clients.

Our Expertise

We are determined to offer cutting-edge solutions with our diversified experience in building software solution for business of all size and domains

Well Dynamics

We developed a comprehensive framework that measures an Oil well or Gas for the oil-based on estimations and different parameters of input data. The tracking and simulation program helps the consumer at every foot of the Oil-Well to overcome risk factors and estimate strategically.

Gravel Pack Solution

Professional software app development to simulate, test, refine and build gravel packs under dynamic conditions by combining sophisticated modeling and data processing techniques. We ensured performance with the Gravel Pack Approach which validates data, a wide range of objectives utilizing the latest technology trends.

GPS Fleet Tracking System

Manage and Optimize processes in the Oil and Gas industry by developing a GPS fleet tracking system that tracks fleet usage, fuel cost savings, management of plans, optimization of routes & saving time, driver over time, changes in driving efficiency, transparency, and health and safety compliance.

Asset Optimisation & Production Analysis

Our developed application streamlines and manages operations and production in Oil and Gas organizations to gain better control over goldmine resources, asset reporting and information management. This app enables businesses to lower the cost of ownership and enhance business productivity.

Equipment Monitoring and Management

Equipment Monitoring system is a convenient way to interpret data from the equipment of different kinds and analyze their functioning. This software will also inform users in advance if the equipment has some critical issues and So timely preventive measures can be taken for improved decision making to save cost and efforts.

Oil & Gas Mining Case Studies

Explore our expertise in Software development in the Oil, Gas and Mining industry. Take a comprehensive look at our capabilities by viewing our case studies.

Garvel Pack Solution

  • .NET
  • Oil & Gas, Mining

Creation of a Gravel Pack Application for Oil companies to overcome challenges or untimely incidents to design, model, test, and refine their gravel packs. Know how TatvaSoft developed a fully integrated model that facilitates online and offline convergence and provides access to large 2D/3D modeling diagrams, calibration features and documentation assistance data sets for oils and rigs.

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Asset Management Application

  • .NET
  • Oil & Gas, Mining

Integrated business Solution for an Oil, Gas and mining company to manage overarching challenges of managing Oilfields, complex asset types and dynamic creation of oil field units. TatvaSoft enabled the business with hassle-free tracking of assets at different locations, improved business efficiency and productivity through timely maintenance and repairs.

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Mining Equipment System

  • .NET
  • Oil & Gas, Mining

Monitor Real-time status of mining assets by capitalizing on TatvaSoft’s professionals and experts to develop a comprehensive web interface that manages the mining of high-quality assets including the base of bulk commodities. Our solution ensured operational excellence, sustainable development support, live monitoring of mining apps and commitment to high-level safety and security.

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TatvaSoft UK has arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with our specialists mastering various technologies.

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