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Healthcare industry is one of the critical business industries which is grappled with human lives and emergency situations. Healthcare has grown exponentially in the last few decades leading to the implementation of cutting-edge medical software. All the healthcare service providers aim to offer the best possible support for patient care and provide optimal medical care. This change has catalyzed the healthcare industry and has taken it to a new horizon. From clinics to hospitals, the right utilization of software has played a critical role in addressing various issues faced by healthcare professionals such as

  • Regulatory compliance for issues and standards
  • Continued focus on managing Operational and IT risks
  • Maintaining information confidentiality
  • Accurate people management solutions

Healthcare software solutions developed by TatvaSoft are committed to help in managing and improving medical care, operational risks in the organizations and compliance with the changing regulatory norms. Our software solutions are highly reliable, sustainable and reassure safety and security.

Our Expertise

Our technical proficiency and domain expertise in developing Healthcare software solutions has offered process optimization and business profitability

Patient Portal

Our healthcare software developers build web-based patient portals for both patients and healthcare providers to make the processes simpler. Patients get fast and safe access to their health-related data, and schedule appointments. With the help of a patient portal, customized treatment is easily accessible.

EHR/EMR Mobile App Development

Our healthcare development services offer advanced regulatory compliance, and EHR / EMR services. Our developed EHR / EMR systems track various health factors and generate patient reports for professionals to offer accurate patient treatment. With EHR, medical history storage of the patient becomes easier and helps in patient care.

Hospital Management Software

Our customised HMS handles medical information and supports caregivers to make their daily operations simpler. Our compliance-friendly Hospital management software meets the needs of all Healthcare professionals to improve lives and also offer self-analysis and predictive diagnostics.

Fertility Clinic
Management System

TatvaSoft UK developed an advanced app that meets the expectations of all the parties, including physicians, nurses, lab assistants, pharmacists, and patients. By leveraging AI technology in analysis and predictive diagnostic, we aim to change lives using our developed compliance-friendly solutions.

Organ And Tissue
Donation System

We developed an Organ Transplantation application keeping all medical criteria, regulatory policies and other government regulations in mind in order to accelerate decision-making and timely manage transplantation procedures. Our developed custom healthcare app is enriched with features like tissue, organ transplant and donation processing.

IoT Based
Healthcare Application

Capture and predict diagnosis with our innovative IoT based healthcare app for healthcare organizations. IOT-based device communicates data with mobile via BlueTooth and tracks the health of a patient and provides real time predictive analysis based on the predefined algorithms.

Mobile Apps and TeleMedicine Software

Our healthcare-focused mobile apps offer cutting-edge features such as laboratory reports, online appointment scheduling and management, manage prescriptions, video calls for both patients and doctors with specific user-rights to avoid critical situations that will help in consultation and accurate implementation.

Healthcare Software Case Studies

We are focused to offer best-in-class Healthcare software development services to a variety of clients located across the globe from different industries. Take a look at our Portfolio.

Organ Transplant Care

  • Sharepoint
  • Healthcare

Our Client is a leading healthcare service provider, approached TatvaSoft to develop an innovative app called “Organ Management System” that stores information about organs for doctors and Healthcare companies to aptly match patients in need of organs and give necessary treatment. Our developed app is scalable and user-friendly with a dashboard that audits and validates information easily.

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Injury & Claims Management System

  • .NET
  • Finance

Innovative and Comprehensive Claim management system for a healthcare solution provider to help businesses manage their critical business activities. Our cutting-edge features offer the client’s businesses specific injury management to their staff and provide the best operational management to their organization in a standardized, recurring and sustainable manner.

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Hospital Management System

  • PHP
  • Healthcare

Employee-centric Hospital Management system with Cloud-based functionalities for a leading Healthcare business to strategize medication and treatment through an accessible and compatible app. Know how our developed solution offered an all-inclusive solution that focuses on medications, precise diagnosis, and organized health record management.

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Global Presence

TatvaSoft UK has arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with our specialists mastering various technologies. We create and deliver the above-mentioned healthcare solution and also plan for the required support. Talk to our professional team and uncover the possible digital transformation that can deliver wonders for your organization. Contact us today.

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