The advent of real-time applications in recent time’s demands equally capable technology underneath that can efficiently work with varying loads and latencies. After all these years dealing with a stateless request-response paradigm, technologies like Node.js allows us to build web applications with real-time like never before. Being an open-source technology backed by the largest software registry in Node Package Manager (NPM), it is becoming a widely accepted back-end technology that businesses can rely upon for varying use cases of different industries.

TatvaSoft UK is one of the early adopters of this ever-emerging technology and boasts of a great in-house talent pool specifically trained for Node.js. We, as a Node.js development company, have experience building enterprise applications leveraging some commonly used tools & libraries like Express.js,, Meteor, Redis, Babel, Webpack, and many more.

Our Node Development Services

  • Services we provide

    Whether its server-side scripting and client-side scripting, creating dynamic webpages isn’t a big deal for us. Get ready to receive unmatchable results by hiring our Node.js Development Services.

    • Custom Web Application Development with MEAN stack
    • API development and integration
    • Web application development with databases like MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, PostgreSQL
    • Real-time applications development with Web Sockets
    • Node.js Plugin development
    • Modularizing monolithic architecture into a service-oriented architecture
    • Building data-intensive, integrated, connected and secured real-time IoT applications with Node.js

Node Development Expertise

We carry out a wide range of expertise when it comes to converting your idea into reality with Node.JS.


Node Development Experience

Backed by agile processes, the non-blocking I/O model, developing highly-scalable, data-intensive, real-time web applications is a doable job.

  • Development of an integrated IoT-based system for a client’s local authorities and other institutions for operating & managing the smart devices’ infrastructure set up across the city.
  • Development of an innovative custom drop shipping platform to bridge the gap between multiple vendors and suppliers.
  • Online ordering and delivery application for a well-known Restaurant chain.
  • Highly featured web application for small local businesses to provide more convenient appointment services to their clients.
  • SaaS-based crowd funding platform development.
Backend technology are being widely accepted these days. We being a reliable Node.Js development company offer best results from our space.

Node Development Case Studies

Android, iOS, NodeJS

Food & Restaurant App

Food ordering app enables users to order online or dine-in option with restaurant itself. With both...

Node.Js, Git

Appointment Manager

The web application let users schedule appointments that eliminates back-and-forth phone calls and...

Loopback, ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker, Micro-service Architecture, EsLint

Dropshipping Platform

Online platform allows multiple vendors to manage their shop online and generate revenue without worrying...

Why TatvaSoft?

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    CMMI ML 3 Software Development Company

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    Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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    18+ Years of IT Experience

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    Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

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    Approach to build long term relationship

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    Global exposure and diverse expertise

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    Onshore-offshore model

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When to use node.js?

Node.js is best suitable for enterprise-level large scale application development. High performance and scalability features makes NodeJs a best for cross-platform development.

How much does it cost to develop a NodeJs Project?

The project cost depends on your project complexity, requirement, platform, and a number of developers require. Please feel free to contact our sales team to get a quote now.

What are the various billing methods that you have for hiring node.js developers?

You can hire dedicated node.js developers for hourly and monthly basis as per your project requirement.

Do you have a full-stack node.js developers team?

Yes, We do have highly experienced JavaScript developers who have expertise in front end JavaScript technologies like jQuery, Angular, and Vue along with Server-side javascript technologies like Node.js

Do you re-use code?

Definitely No! We don't re-use the code that we have specifically used in any project.

Do you have service level agreement in place?

Yes, We do have. Also, we do strictly follow NDA Policy.

How do we perform source code management?

We mainly use Github/Bitbucket for source code management and version control.