Tendering Application


Our client is an individual service provider in a public sector unit. The public sector is gripping with everyday projects from enterprises of varied sizes and industries. Processing different business proposals with different complexities, information, solicits, hard data for comparison and analysis are dealt with on a regular basis in every business. With the amount of complicated information at hand, the client decided to streamline this set of information by developing an application that would create and manage RFPs of projects using this consolidated system. This application was developed to help buyers and procurement professionals invite bidders to participate in RFPs. It can also track, analyze and submit RFP documents.

With the same agenda, the client decided to develop an RFP management system with a marketplace where users can easily find all the organization/vendors/RFPs. As a county, the client had many municipalities registered under them who sent proposals with specific requirements, dates and deadlines.

Before deciding to develop an application, the client faced the following challenges in their day to day operations:

  • Struggles in adopting and maintaining admin users.
  • Automatically maintain RFP status by its close date.
  • Marketplace listing pages where all Municipalities, Vendors and RFPs will be listed.
  • Chat system for internal communication.
  • Project and team management for multiple organizations.

The client approached TatvaSoft to develop this RFP management system where municipalities can upload their RFPs with specific end dates and vendors can send proposals on listed RFPs. The system also allowed the client to enable an internal chat system for in-house employees with real-time updates.


Tools & Technology

  • Node.js
  • React JS
  • Jira
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS EC2


After considering the criticality of the application, the TatvaSoft team of developers outlined the scope of work and developed a plan keeping all the minute requirements of the client in mind. Since RFP’s are the root of any project initialization so it was essential to develop the application with extreme accuracy and meticulousness. RFP software usually includes features for proposal management and integrates with other products such as purchasing software, strategic sourcing software, and proposal software. TatvaSoft developed a fully integrated and complete business solution using Node.js and React JS framework which makes the application architecture robust and exceptional user experience.

Enlisted are some of the noteworthy features of the client’s application that we developed

  • Project management with team allocation
  • Invite team members to organize and organization projects.
  • RFP and proposals management system.
  • Chat system for internal team member communication with real-time data.
  • Invoice management system.
  • Graphical interface of RFPs and Proposals tracking.
  • Admin panel to manage municipalities, vendors, RFPs and proposals.
  • Automated task schedule for marking RFP as close on the predefined close date.
  • Role-based authentication to provide very deep rights per user and projects.


After implementing the solution, the client was able to achieve profitable business outcomes. Through a successful partnership with TatvaSoft, our developed RFP software has helped users to leverage the facility to identify and determine the best proposal as well as help marketing and sales teams to shortlist them. It tracks, analyzes and manages proposals in the consolidated platform. Our solution experts developed a cutting-edge solution that benefited the client with the following aids

  • Reliable, secure and user-friendly system that includes almost all the functionalities required for RFP management system.
  • Graphical dashboard for municipality and vendor dashboard.
  • Make some automated processes for updating RFP status.
  • Internal chat system where municipalities and vendors can communicate on proposals.
  • Marketplace where any user can find listed municipalities, vendors and RFPs.
  • Invoice management and maintaining its status whether it is paid or not.

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