Project and Portfolio Management Platform


Our client is a global service company offering management tools for projects, programs, and portfolios specialized under Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The client’s company is headquartered in Madrid (Spain) that offers sophisticated tools of enterprise work management solution that intelligently delivers benefits of "Software as a Service" (SaaS) and traditional project management capabilities. They are experts in providing reliable, accurate information and transparency in managing and utilizing resources optimally.

Our client wanted to develop web-based SaaS (Software as a Service) business solution in the form of "Project Management System" that facilitates effective project management in various fields like Real Estates & Industrial, IT project & resource management, program and portfolio management and information sharing to have a live track of the project activities and status. It also includes Gantt charts, task management, agile projects, risk & issue management, and document management.

The client’s company offers a wide range of services and specifically for the Project Management system they faced received some prime requirements to be considered while developing.

Requirements such as:

  • Devise the system to provide information that improves decision-making and project management
  • Provision to keep track of the progress of all the project activities.
  • Facilitates the demonstration of results through the project evaluation.
  • Empower project stakeholders and management by providing the right information at the right time.
  • Targeted to increase opportunities to learn from the best practices.
  • Supports all project management methodologies for various fields including Scrum and Kanban for Software Development Cycle.
  • Manage any type of project (agile or waterfall) and steer all their components and phases from a single location: plan or execute tasks, control costs, and revenues, assign resources, control risks and administrate all the documentation
  • Offers disruptive PPM for all the audiences, and is successfully used at engineering firms, hospital networks, hotel chains, insurance companies, telecommunications groups, oil and gas corporations and even startups from all continents


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • C#
  • JQuery
  • .NET charting
  • Telerik Controls
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Telerik reports
  • Gant Charts
  • Azure
  • AWS


TatvaSoft provided a web-based business solution that was intended to better manage information on projects, programs, enable effective communication, and track status of different projects and assignments.

Below are the core features of the project management system:

Project Management

  • Facilitates the users to define the project structure, allocation of team members and project stakeholders, assigning tasks, and scheduleing follow up managing budget, various cost, and risks pertaining to the project. Classic and Kanban can be projects managed easily in a single integrated portfolio. Use agile project management and keep control stay in control of the big picture. This integrated portfolio includes Synchronized Kanban board, Custom columns, integrated portfolio, integrated social network, Documentation, and monitoring controls.

Project Portfolio

  • Provision to have detailed information on the project that includes unique project number, name of the project, the priority assigned to project, project approval, project status, project manager assigned to project, start and end date of the project, etc. Confidently schedule projects based on your team’s capacity, and forecast the project pipeline to keep everyone in the loop.

Planning and monitoring

  • Thoroughly plan each project ahead of time and oversee it to completion, correcting task definitions, redistributing team responsibilities and controlling any possible deviations (Task definition, team sizing, cost estimation and effort, Pre-project status, Project and task monitoring, Distribution of monitoring responsibilities, Earned value, future scenarios, alerts, and deviations)

Resource Management

  • This feature allows the user to manage applications, information, and infrastructure that enable easy coordination amongst the team members and project activities.
  • Find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real-time, and forecast hiring needs. Get a complete picture of all the moving parts by using availability sorting and custom filters to quickly see who’s available and make quick adjustments. With this solution, users can select a project manager, then add team members within each project and assign them their responsibilities. Every time you assign projects, the chosen team members will receive notifications with basic information about their tasks

Graphical representation of Information

  • Provision to generate a project schedule in the form of a Gantt chart. Dynamically generated data are represented in a simple and presentable way by virtually stunning graphics using a commercially available third-party tool. A Gantt chart will allow you to plan, control, and monitor timelines online. It’s the best way to visualize everything and can be printed as required


  • An informative dashboard that provides real-time information about project status, productivity, and risks associated with any particular project. Graphical representation of data related to Project, team, Cost & Revenue. etc.

Multicurrency and Multilanguage Support

  • acilitates to view project costs and budget-related information in multiple currencies with foreign exchange conversion. User can set the language of his choice and can view.

Powerful Reporting Capabilities

  • A powerful third-party reporting tool is used to extract useful information based on various reporting parameters. Visualize complex data to spot trends, interpret performance across the business, and plan for organizational growth.

Users and roles management

  • Facilitates role-based access to user groups. This feature ensures the authentication and authorization of user that has the privilege to access different functionalities of the application.

Cost and Revenue

  • Be in control of all the costs and expenditures of each task, calculating the margin and properly monitoring them all with Estimated and real costs stemming from hours worked, External costs, goods and services, Forecast and real revenue, Cash flow and Project margin

Document Management

  • A powerful document management system that consists of unlimited document storage, Compatible with external links and storage systems, Links to projects, services, tasks, risks, and procurement.

Accurate budgeting

  • See how work is progressing and track planned vs. actual spend with project dashboards to keep your projects within budget.

Easy time tracking

  • Keep team members focused on the work that matters with timesheets that make it easy for them to submit, track, and edit hours spent on a project.

Task Management

  • Oversee all aspects of your projects, from departments and task managers to progress, priority, and status. Familiarize yourself with the files: each task is a file, meaning that you define the timeline for each one to start. A file is categorized according to the types of tasks involved for subsequent analysis and has its own priority level for easy control of any follow-up activity is shared between the teams responsible for each corresponding tasks and designated task managers.

Risk and Issue Management

  • Forget about the risks associated with the activities because, for any unforeseen situations that arise, this system is able to control any deviations with a single click. As the project manager, once the risks have been identified on the platform, it is easy to classify and document them, implement corrective measures. More importantly, this will be easier to do with the help of the assigned team members as they add their contributions online (Risk classification, Problems, bugs, change request, Customizable exposure level calculation, Assignment of managers, Mitigation and contingency plans, Impact on scope, schedule, and budget).

Slack Integration

  • Use or developed a solution directly from Slack. The teambot notifies users of any pending work and facilitates reporting. Users can report their progress and check their assignments using simple commands and buttons from their Slack chatbox, without having to log into the platform every time. Check this tutorial on how to use the Teambot or follow the activation instructions to launch Teambot on your Slack environment today.

Import from MS Project

  • The Platform has an open philosophy that translates requirements into our commitment with compatibility in consideration. That’s why all our clients can load projects created on MS Project onto the platform by simply loading their .mpp files. Easy transition from MS Project to a fully-featured project and portfolio management software. Support MS Project as a legacy system for the personal use of project managers reluctant to move to a SaaS model.

Jira Portfolio Connector

  • JIRA Connector allows users to oversee the development process as it unfolds. Choose the JIRA “issues” and projects that are relevant for your project portfolio management processes and integrate them into your portfolio. Click here for more information on the Jira connector. Integrate the leading issue tracking solution with the Platform in no time and see the progress of JIRA users even if they don’t have a product license.

Zapier Integration

  • Zapier allows integrating hundreds of apps without having to write a single line of code. The client’s platform has a Zapier integration that allows us to automatically create tasks starting from other applications. With this option, you can connect clients Platform to any existing software already integrated with Zapier.


With such huge offerings and meticulously considering each requirement of the client TatvaSoft delivered this brilliant, future-ready Solution to our Spanish Client. The client has successfully reaped multiple business benefits such as

  • Streamlined project roadmap that can be easily followed and improves overall efficiency
  • Keep Schedule and Costs on Track
  • Manage Documentation More Effectively
  • Improved and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Flexibility and Scalability to match Project status and guidelines
  • Reduce Costs for Bids and Contracts
  • Better Information Leads to Better Decisions.

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