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Build sophisticated, secure and sustainable multifunctional websites and applications that are faster, stable and efficient for all business processes and that amplifies business profitability using our industry-acclaimed .NET development services.

Over two decades of experience and a demonstrated track record of developing multi-functional applications makes TatvaSoft UK -a leading software development company. It is a pioneering .NET development partner that provides high performing, agile and robust applications. Our custom software development team has assisted clients to accomplish remarkable outcomes for their complex business challenges. We have spanned our expertise among all sizes of business with custom .NET software applications that assures top-notch performance. Our services as a leading dot net development company extend its wings across various frameworks such as asp.NET, .NET Core, VB.net, MVC, C sharp, MVVM and entity framework and Xamarin.

.NET Software Development Services

Explore the capabilities of TatvaSoft UK and its diversified service offerings in .NET development domain.

Microsoft Azure Development

Microsoft Azure Development

As a Microsoft certified .NET development company, our software development team of .NET developers have a knack for efficiently developing cloud-native applications using Azure apps, Blob, Stream Analytics and SQL databases.

ASP.Net Web Development

ASP.NET Web Development

Our ASP.NET web development services enable businesses with dynamic web applications created using C# and VB.NET technologies which are functionally-rich, efficient and secured for reliable and ease of use.

Universal App Development

Universal App Development

Build, host and scale applications to provide interactive UI and advanced asynchronous systems which feature a common API surface for higher performance and compatibility across all devices and versions.

.NET Core Development

.NET Core Development

Leveraging the biggest advantage of .NET development, which is versatility, we provide assistance in full cycle development with our specialism in .NET and .NET core development. We help businesses manage design, development, analysis, testing, integration with timely project delivery and deployment-all at ease.

WPF Application Development

WPF Application Development

TatvaSoft as a leading dot net development company understands the usage of the right framework to develop standalone applications, XAML based applications, custom control libraries and class libraries. We use Microsoft powered WPF application development framework for required apps.

Xamarin Development

Xamarin Development

TatvaSoft, one of the prominent dot net development companies in UK, offers Xamrian development services across London and other global regions to develop cross-platform applications for iOS and Android using .NET with neat designs, high performance and a delightful user experience.

Application Development and Management

.NET Application Development and Management

Our consistent assistance at all phases fills all business gaps from initialization to deployment. Our full-scale dot net application development support aids businesses to successfully manage, optimize and maintain their legacy apps.

Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise Application Integration

Manage workflows inconsistency by creating .NET based secure enterprise applications to seamlessly integrate multiple business applications and services in real-time using cloud and other SaaS-based solutions.

Dedicated Team Development

Dedicated Team Development

Our experienced and dedicated dot net development team dives deep into the client’s business to understand evolving technology requirements and develop business solutions that are scalable, agile and future-ready.

.NET Development Case Studies

Explore our portfolio of different .NET software solutions offered to a global clientele which accelerated their business profitability.

Forex Solution

  • .NET
  • Finance

Development of a modern Forex platform for businesses and individuals to smoothly manage their trade transactions with spots, forwards and currency conversions. TatvaSoft, a leading .NET development company with comprehensive experience, has developed this secure platform with 24*7 live support, telephonic assistance in multilingual access. This rapid information sharing app amplifies quotation time and helps business to improve decision-making.

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Fleet Management System

  • .NET
  • Logistics & Transportation

Using our efficient .NET development services, the client created a Fleet management application to optimize regular operations. This integrated system for customer data management is a complete solution for transportation companies to keep track of all activities, notify users with automatic processes resulting in better productivity and transparent communication.

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Compensation System

  • .NET
  • Finance

TatvaSoft created an integrated dot net software solution for a financial company that allows businesses to easily plan, consolidate, communicate and analyze their financial plans. Our talented and high-skilled dot net developers configured a plethora of features such as survey management, reward card functionality, auto-enrolment custom login and more for a superior user experience.

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.NET Development Experience

From on-premise to cloud applications, our .NET Developers have developed many bespoke solutions for different industry verticals that provide optimum business benefits.

Advanced .NET Application Development

As an experienced .NET development company, we create high-end, scalable, and high-performance solutions for various businesses.

  • Web Applications using .NET Core Framework
  • Re-engineering Legacy Application with dot net
  • Custom ASP.net Web Development Services
  • Integration with SAP for data management
  • .Net Desktop Application Development Services
  • Business Intelligence Tools & Dashboards
  • Portals & Business Applications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
  • SaaS-based Application Development
  • CRM, POS, CMS & other product development

Technology Stack

Framework & Languages Framework & Languages

  • .NET
  • .NET Core
  • ASP.net
  • C#
  • VB.net

Front End Front End

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • WPF
  • UWP Apps

Database Database

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Firebase
  • Elasticsearch

Deployment Deployment

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Architecture Architecture

  • MVC
  • MVP
  • MVVM
  • Microservices

Products Products

  • Sharepoint Server
  • Office 365
  • Biztalk Server
  • Power BI

Testing Testing

  • Selenium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • Test Rail
  • Apache JMeter
  • BrowserStack
  • Postman

Caching Caching

  • Memcached
  • Redis

Project Management Tools Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Microsoft Team

Industries We Serve

Our best-suited custom software services and technical prowess surmount the client’s expectations from all the segments, be it in the ideation phase for start-ups or a medium-scale business tapping on growth opportunities or enterprises continuously pacing up with market dynamics.

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Why TatvaSoft?

Constructive Strategy

Constructive Strategy

We drive businesses with modern technology solutions using our smart approach that quickly incorporates advanced features in our app with best-fit technology.

Scalable Business Engagement

Scalable Business Engagement

We seamlessly combine the talent of our skilled resources and technology expertise for a convenient and scalable method of business engagement.

On-Demand IT staff

On-Demand IT staff

We augment business skills by adding the capabilities of our skilled workforce as per the need of business to accelerate growth and gain a competitive edge.

Data-driven Decisions

Data-driven Decisions

We have a progressive outlook towards development strategies, generated using data-driven values that offer impeccable results with customized software solutions.

Business-Friendly Hiring Models

Take business to the next level by hiring our expert developers on monthly or fixed-priced models.

Dedicated Team

Hire Team

  • Requirement discussion and team proposition
  • Evaluation and team finalization
  • Dedicated team hiring and engagement

Project Development

  • Agile and Lean software development
  • Project milestones & bi-weekly sprint designs
  • Iterative development and feedback

Project Delivery

  • Cloud and DevOps integration
  • Manual / Automated testing
  • Reliable and Flexible delivery

Fixed Price Model

Project Requirements

  • Requirement gathering and gap analysis
  • Time and cost estimation
  • Project agreement signing

Project Development

  • Agile and Lean software development
  • Project milestones & bi-weekly sprint designs
  • Iterative development and feedback

Project Delivery

  • Cloud and DevOps integration
  • Manual / Automated testing
  • Reliable and Flexible delivery

Hire a dedicated team of .NET Developers

Leverage the resourcefulness and technical capability in comprehending clients challenge and converting into a cutting-edge solution

Flawless Design

Recreate digital experience with creativity and design thinking approach

Design Tools

Effective Code

Apply the best-fit technology framework and codes for unique business needs.

Code Tools

Easy Communication

Seamless communication with the team for daily reports and updates.

Communication Tools

.NET Development FAQs

  • What development methodologies do you follow with .NET?

    TatvaSoft recommends following Agile Methodology of development for the majority of our projects. If agile is deemed unsuitable, then we follow conventional Waterfall Methodology with required tweaks that enable client’s participation during the various phases of the project. We call it “Custom Waterfall Methodology”.

  • Is .NET future proof? Will it have the same relevance in future?

    Backed by Microsoft, .NET has been a prominent force in the software development arena for the last 21 years. Throughout these years, Microsoft has continuously supported and developed .NET to match and even outperform its peer technologies. With the advent of .NET Core now, it is expanding itself into the Open Source world and gaining popularity at a rapid pace. Open source tech coupled with the support of a major software company would ensure that .NET is going to remain at the forefront of software development for years to come.

  • Why should I choose .NET over other popular open source technologies?

    .NET is now open source with .NET Core, and while being open source, it still retains its extensive class libraries, common APIs, multi-language support, security and the powerful tooling provided by the Visual Studio family – helping developers to deliver high quality software at rapid pace. Thus being an attractive choice for Enterprise grade applications.

  • Should I choose .NET Core over .NET? Are there any drawbacks of it?

    You should definitely choose .NET Core for any new software development. In fact, we recommend our clients to develop with .NET Core rather than .NET Framework as .NET Core is the place where future investments of Microsoft will go into. .NET Framework will still be supported, but major focus will shift on to .NET Core in coming years. So in line with Microsoft’s guidelines, we recommend our clients to adapt .NET Core for their new software developments.

  • Are there any platform specific restrictions in .NET?

    With .NET you can target any application type running on any platform. Developers can reuse skills and code across all of them in a familiar environment. From Enterprise applications running on Windows and Linux Servers, to highly scalable microservices running in the cloud, .NET provides a solution for you.

  • Are web applications developed with .NET mobile friendly?

    Yes, all .NET based web applications developed by TatvaSoft are responsive to majority screen sizes (from mobile screens to bigger desktops) and adapts itself to any browser view port size ensuring maximum usability.

  • How secure is .NET?

    The .NET and common language runtime (CLR) provide many useful classes and services that enable developers to write secure code, use cryptography, and implement role-based security. Likewise, we at Tatvasoft also ensure that critical security patches are incorporated to produce software that is least vulnerable to security threats.

  • Can I use different front-end technology like Angular or React with .NET Core as a back-end?

    Yes, .NET Core & .NET Framework both are fully compatible working with a different front end technology. .NET can be used to support only back-end operations and it can expose REST APIs that can be consumed by a web or mobile front-end (Angular, ReactJS, React Native, VueJS, and many more)to support the UI operations.

  • How easy (or difficult) is it to integrate .NET with other language frameworks for interoperability?

    .NET supports as many as 20 different programming languages with which it can operate seamlessly. So it is comparatively easy to integrate .NET with other languages compared to its counterparts like Java.

  • Do you provide hosting services?

    No. We do not provide in-house hosting services but we can surely guide you with the necessary server capacity required to run the application smoothly and also help you to deploy the solution to your chosen hosting or cloud service.

  • Will I be restricted to choose Azure hosting if I choose to go with .NET?

    No. You can host your .NET application on any hosting service or cloud services provider of your choice. There are no restrictions regarding hosting platforms.

  • Are there any licensing costs involved with .NET?

    .NET is free. There aren’t any licensing costs for using .NET. In fact, .NET Core is now an open source technology, it is completely free and its entire source code is publicly available on Github. It is licensed under the most permissive MIT license.

  • If I hire .NET developers, how will I coordinate with them?

    Resources hired from TatvaSoft will work as good as your own team members. Our developers are well trained to adapt all popular project management tools like JIRA, Asana, Trello, Azure DevOps, Slack, and more. For communication purposes, we are comfortable with any platform like Skype, MS teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting. You can be constantly in touch with them through the mentioned communication mediums to ensure better coordination.

  • Can I interact with your developer before I hire him?

    Yes, absolutely. We make our developers available to have a technical conversation with you to build necessary confidence before you work with us.

  • I need help to maintain my .NET application. Can I hire your developers for this purpose?

    Yes, we provide developers for maintenance purposes also. You can hire a single developer or a team of developers on hourly or monthly basis. A part time project manager from our side can be provisioned to oversee their work. Also we do time reporting on a daily basis so that you can keep track of the work being produced by hired developers.

  • After development of the software is completed, who holds the software IP rights?

    Client owns the IP and source code after project completion and payment settlements.

  • Do you provide after release support?

    Yes, we do provide maximum up to 90 days of warranty period for the software developed by TatvaSoft under our fixed priced model.

Global Presence

TatvaSoft UK has arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with our specialists mastering various technologies.

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