Our client is the fastest-growing logistics company managing multiple transportation and logistics services within the UK and cross-border. As an invincible part of logistics, fleet management is turning to be mandatory for businesses to real-time monitor vehicles, drivers, assets and optimize overall business performance. The client wanted to develop a web-based system connecting multiple users like customers, dealers, suppliers and drivers. The fundamental aim of developing this application was to track end-to-end activities, manage each phase in vehicle transportation and enhance overall communication with field Sales employees as well.

The client proposed a plan to TatvaSoft for the development of Full Fleet Management services. This centralized software system will cover all the activities related to the management of the fleet, vehicles acquired in rental, leasing, or ownership, and to produce extensive and timely reports.

This application developed was aimed to meet effective fleet management following the prime considerations such as:

  • Integrated system with customer management with personal data
  • Management of Orders, Rental Agreements and Vehicles
  • Vehicle configuration
  • Management of the vehicle policy and list by belonging groups
  • Assignment Management
  • Reservation form for Pool vehicles
  • Insurance Management
  • Ownership Tax Management
  • Complete and schedule customizable reporting
  • Interfaces with the main owners for automatic loading of Invoices, Claims, Interventions, Repair Network, Fines.
  • Interfaces for loading Invoices and Fuel card data, Telepass
  • Billing reconciliation and export to customer's accounting systems
  • Electronic archiving of all documentation
  • Web access with different levels of authorization (Fleet Manager, Driver, Accounting, ...)
  • Mobile App available to Drivers
  • Expense estimate management
  • Dashboard with user customization widget
  • Custom reporting and scheduling of them

To avoid the glitches in the flow that would eventually lead to hindrance in overall process management and unsatisfied clients, this application is developed to be a go-solution for a variety of business needs. With this, businesses can not only monitor non-ethical activities but can also stay protected from any future uncertainties.


Tools & Technology

  • Angular 7
  • C#
  • .Net Core 2.0 Web API
  • micro-services
  • Dapper
  • iTextSharp
  • ocelot JSON
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IIS


TatvaSoft has developed a full-fledged Fleet Management application for logistics businesses to manage their assets traveling on road. Our team of expert developers used the .NET development framework to develop this application because of the numerous options it offers to the businesses which are platform-independent, and rich in features. We developed an application that is scalable, compatible and easy to access using the internet from anywhere at any time.

Enlisted are some of its remarkable features

  • Enabled each module with Microservice-based architecture that connects each service to a central database.
  • Supports multiple user types of managers, dealer, supplier, driver, accountant, admin, managers.
  • Provides responsive and with rich and interactive UI.
  • Use of the latest technology and concepts.
  • Role-based access to UI.
  • Level based authorization for view, insert, update, and delete operations.
  • Smart UI for filtration of huge amounts of data.
  • Lazy loading – Data loads on-demand only which increases the performance of user experience.
  • Provides different versions of APIs to allow a third-party system to connect FFM easily.
  • Schedule activities like reports, mail sending, jobs, and interface.
  • Capable to connect any third-party web service or API to fetch data and load it into the system with the help of configuration from UI.
  • Provides dynamic email templates and subjects for end users.
  • PDF and XML generation of invoices for the Italian Tax agency.
  • Used ZOHO analytical tools to provide reports based on user requirements and text.


After the successful implementation of our developed software solution, the client was able to generate profitable business revenues and got benefited from other aids by partnering with TatvaSoft. Our client was able to manage their transportation, enable proactive communication and optimize overall business by using our developed fully-fledged Fleet management application. More remarkable outcomes of this application are mentioned below

  • Our client can sell the license of the application to multiple other users, customers, or companies.
  • Ability to scale the application vertically and horizontally
  • Easily keep track of activities for vehicles in the organization
  • Setup custom violation rules for different customers
  • Easy to keep track of all the due maintenance tasks
  • Notify users for automatic processes
  • Ability to add a custom report and schedule them
  • 30+ customers are currently using this system.
  • Supported 40000 vehicles and their data for one customer

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