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Capitalize on the power of digitalization by harnessing software solutions in the Public sector for n improved and effective end-to-end technology solutions


Embed technology solutions in conventionally functioning Public sector domains to uplift and enhance their existing method of operations. Our developed software solution has been a key differentiator in modernizing the public sector domain with secure and seamlessly performant applications. As a prominent software development company, we have offered clients with CAD-based Dispatch systems, ePetition systems, Record Management systems, Idea and campaign Management solutions, and other state-of-art technology solutions that accelerate overall business processes.

Our Expertise

World’s leading companies have leveraged our expertise in developing public sector software and solutions using our diversified skill set.

Computer-Aided Dispatch System

CAD dispatch system for a Public sector unit to seamlessly manage multiple municipalities by digitizing the mundane activities to boost existing operations of a community. This CAD software enables automatic emergency dialing that accelerates the response time and allows faster decision making without much human intervention.

Record Management System

Record Management system is a profitable and convenient way to manage, track and organise humongous data gathered from different departments for a specific purpose. We developed this cutting-edge software to automate the tedious and time-consuming act of data fetching by digitizing it as a smooth, efficient and time-saving application.

Criminal Case Management

We developed a comprehensive web-based solution to manage the public proceedings and store information right from the conviction to the sentence for the lawyers and the defendants. This app streamlines everyday activities with in-built workflows and features for all stakeholders of the case from suspects, lawyers, co-defendants and victims.

Court Security System

Surveillance-based software development for multiple connected devices such as motion detectors, door sensors, entry locks, DVRs, metal detectors and fencing controllers, the software program that suits the needs of courtrooms. It provides real-time alerts on occurring events to take immediate actions to mitigate dangerous accidents.

Jail Management Software

Web-based Jail Information System that makes the booking process rapid and convenient for all users. Our Adaptive and creative advanced solution is secure for information entry and control with an online approach that facilitates the exchange of information, accelerates the productivity of jail administration activities, from admission to release.

Youthcare Software

Our cutting-edge youth-focused software enables the right kind of training and therapy to restore their social integration among youngsters. We developed a comprehensive solution that enables faster decision making, better treatment and care by doctors and social workers which is an impactful way to enhance the justice process.

Law Enforcement Software

Using our Technical expertise, we developed an app for law enforcement agencies for improved training, assessment, incident management and similar essential tasks. We developed a software framework that automates the process of creating, storing, accessing numerous records with this holistic application that makes results more meticulous.

Driving License & Training

Our developed online solution is a fast and efficient way for a number of applicants to be easily handled and streamlined. In compliance with the RTA rules, the whole process of preparation, licensing and renewal are performed using an automated framework that saves time and effort and in turn improves capacity with greater revenue and performance.

Public Sector Case studies

Our expertise in software development especially focused on the government sector has improved the foundation of multiple businesses. Take a look at our portfolios.

Youthcare Application

  • .NET
  • Government & Public Safety

TatvaSoft developed a ”Facility Management system” with the name “YouthCare application” to accelerate business operations by automating the manual processes of monitoring and installation. Our solution offered a dynamic cloud-based system that manages inventory and assets with a reliable biometric identification facility accessible from anywhere in the globe.

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Jail Management System

  • .NET
  • Government & Public Safety

Considering the intricate business requirements of the pioneering business, TatvaSoft developed a Jail Management System with multi-functional features that manage, security, safety, fleet management and youth enhancement activities. This application offered profitable business benefits such as a birds-eye view of the overall platform, monitor detailed activities and flexible connection between devices.

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Law Enforcement Application

  • .NET
  • Government & Public Safety

Technological skills of TatvaSoft’s experts to design cutting-edge software that has empowered public sector officials to use an advanced law enforcement application in cities to maintain law and order in their counties. Our technology experience has developed applications that comply with a large variety of law enforcement services with the incorporation of existing technologies such as CAD and PowerDMS.2

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Global Presence

TatvaSoft UK has arched its global presence with international offices across five leading countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia and India with our specialists mastering various technologies.

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