Law Enforcement Application


Our USA-based client is a prominent and integral public safety organization efficiently managing multiple state counties, localities, and their maintenance. In order to maintain law and order in the counties, they had to build software that abides a wide range of law enforcement acts. Officials at multiple levels such as state, federal, and local will use this solution to pledge law and order in their respective states and localities.

To access the needs of the client, we recommended developing a common application portal that is responsible for all the events occurring within their areas. This application is intended to include attributes such as Field Training, Use of Force, Employee Training Records Management, Field Investigation Reporting, Profiling, Immigration Investigation, Internal Affairs Investigations, Vehicle Pursuits, Employee Complaints, Employee Traffic Crash Reporting Key, etc.

Some of the Key Challenges of the project were:

  • Multiple agencies of different states required a centralized application portal for logging and accessing various software(s)
  • Data Security was an alarming concern
  • Need for customized authentication engines (Agency wise) to support various kinds of authentications such as Form, LDAP, Azure AD & ADFS
  • Unable to create dynamic forms for agencies- state wise
  • No comprehensive early warning system or statistical reporting tool


Tools & Technology

  • Windows
  • .NET
  • .Net Core and knockout js with Kendo UI Control
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Telerik reports
  • Microsoft Visual Studio


To meet the business-specific demands of the client, TatvaSoft developed a common application portal for our client to manage the reporting for various law enforcement software application(s). We created a one-stop solution to manage all kinds of internal documentation processes. We also developed one login and one user profile to access multiple software applications. Our portal contains special features such as

Field Training Software

  • Review on-the-job performance during field training and probationary periods
  • Monitor the overall health of your FTO program
  • Identify the training required to improve trainee performance
  • Shield your agency by monitoring the potential biases based on race, gender, and/or age

Managing Employee Training Records

  • Create classes, certificates, and training plans
  • Track sign-in sheets and course syllabus
  • Create employee evaluations
  • Document firearms qualifications
  • Assign and monitor the viewing of training videos, policy reviews, and circulate training materials
  • Sends automated reminders as and when training and certifications are due to expire

Force Accountability Transparency Software

  • Monitor scores of data point to identify liability issues and adjust training policy accordingly
  • Build trust via transparency with the community you serve
  • Monitor use of force incident trends involving your employees
  • Attach body camera, other videos, and documents related to an incident
  • Integrate with your existing applications including CAD, PowerDMS, etc.

Internal Affairs

  • Ability to have supervisors assign investigations
  • Set timelines with email reminders
  • Customizable statistical report
  • Integrated document library for your agency reports

Profiling Accountability Software Solution

  • Document citizen encounters to protect your agency and community from claims of profiling bias
  • Patented Community Composition Analysis Tool documents the demographics of the areas your officer’s patrol, to interpret collected data correctly
  • Share enforcement data with the community to document transparency

Vehicle Pursuit Reporting Software

  • Identify pursuit trends within your agency
  • Perform Statistical Analysis to help determine if pursuits were within your agency policy
  • Track suspect charges and violations
  • Track scores of data points, including the reason for pursuit, how it was terminated, outcomes, and weather/traffic patterns

Employee Vehicle Damage Documentation Software

  • Track employee vehicular accidents and incidents to establish agency costs
  • Monitor Data Points via built-in statistical reporting
  • Identify targeted training methods to improve safety
  • Identify liabilities including improper training, right-of-way violations, backing up, and distracted driving (i.e. on MDC, phone, radio, etc.) to improve your training and policies where needed

Immigration Field Investigation Reports

  • Quickly answer questions about racially motivated immigration enforcement
  • Determine when there is adequate reasonable suspicion to stop and check the immigration status
  • Easily track the outcome of contacts
  • Provide enforcement statistics


TatvaSoft’s solution has helped the client to generate profit in leaps and bounds. The developed application portal turned out to be beneficial to all law enforcement officials of different levels from local, state, and federal. Our solutions delivered potential advantages such as

  • Reduced all the paper works and switched to digitalization
  • Migrated data from one application to another application very easily
  • All the report prints were managed on azure cloud storage based on application.
  • Overall features improved field training, record management, field reporting, and productivity of all governed countries

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