Workflow and Integration Tool


Our client is one of the leading providers of advisory and advocacy communications consultancy. They have been assisting public and private sector businesses with advisory and legal consulting services so that they become more agile and build brand reputation and develop cordial relationships with customers for long-term business and sustainability. With access to multiple platforms such as Ultipro HRMS, SharePoint Online, Maconomy ERP and Adaptive Insight, businesses can easily maintain and track their employees and other records. This access to a multitude of global platforms and applications that challenged businesses to easily synchronize data, streamline overall process, accurate data management and reduce the complete manual efforts. So, they decided to develop a middleware that would bring resolution to their manual efforts of the client and significantly give rise to team productivity by adding automation to their day to day operations.

To discuss in brief, the following mentioned are some of the challenges faced by the client:

  • The existing application was unable to execute long and time-tasking synchronization tasks.
  • Retrieving Forex exchange data daily and monthly from third-party API with accuracy
  • Difficulty in seamlessly integrating data and information with different products such as Maconomy ERP, Ultipro HRMS, Adaptive Insight and third-party APIs


Tools & Technology

  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • SharePoint Framework
  • Office 365
  • Power Platform (i.e. Power Automate)
  • Microsoft Azure
  • HTML
  • JQuery
  • CSS3
  • Rest API
  • JSOM
  • ReactJS
  • Office UI Fabric
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Maconomy ERP
  • Ultipro HRMS
  • Oanda API


The client’s business processes demanded a modern, scalable and easily integral application that has the capability to automatically sync data, transparently and accurately track data and use it in the future. TatvaSoft designed and developed a Workflow Management and Integration tool using Power platform and SharePoint Online that effectively manages synchronization of data between various platforms with complex logic to improvise internal processes such as travel requests, travel trackers, master data management tool, etc. The proposed solution facilitates the user-friendly and responsive UI support for the visibility in browsers, mobile devices and secure access with 2 Factor Authentication. We developed a Scalable, dynamic and secure architecture design with the following key highlighted features:

Skills Hub

  • Approval and maintenance of employee profile data such as employee profile, language preferences, Client experiences, Skillset, Sectors experience, Service Experience, International experience, Biography, etc.
  • HR can search employee profiles through basic and advance search functionality

Skills Hub and People Planner Integration

  • A Sync process for Skills, Sector and Service data between Skills hub and Maconomy with details and audit trail.

Ultipro and Maconomy ERP Connector

  • An ETL (Extract – Transform – Loading) process of the employee’s data between Ultipro and Maconomy ERP through SharePoint Online.

Adaptive Insight Reporting integration

  • Export finance data from Maconomy and push into Adaptive insight via Box file sharing service.

Travel Request Workflow

  • Two types of travel requests i.e. urgent requests and non-urgent requests to get approval from the head of department and Finance team to proceed for online booking and other procedures related to traveling.

Travel Tracker

  • Employees can submit their travel schedules to identify where an employee is currently located.

FX Integration

  • Push the daily and monthly foreign exchange currency data in Maconomy based on retrieved data from 3rd Party API.

Health Certificate – COVID 19

  • An employee can submit their health details based on predefined questionnaires to HR even during the critical times of COVID – 19 situations.

News Article Generator Tool

  • Dynamically generate and publish news articles in SharePoint Online based on Microsoft Forms.

Master Data Management Tool

  • Developed various services such as Company Vendor Creation, Legal Vendor Creation, Parent Vendor Creation, Legal Client Creation Ad-hoc, Legal Client Creation – Contact Company Creation, Parent Client Creation, Legal Client Update, etc. in SharePoint Online with the approval process and only approved records should be synchronizing with Maconomy.


The Client was able to unlock multiple advantages and privileges of using this workflow integration tool solution. As a well-defined process, our solution was able to sync data securely between various platforms and reduce human efforts, errors and enhance data accuracy. This workflow integration and management system will assist employees to communicate better, sync data faster, streamline processes with transparency, accuracy, which improves team productivity and outcomes.

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