The client is a provider of facility management services specifically for youth care systems. To maintain and update a variety of information that might include Admissions and Releases using fingerprint biometrics, Multi-Disciplinary Team interventions, Warrant information, Education, Assessment instruments, Medical and Institutional records in line with the Child Justice Act.

Based on this requirement, the TatvaSoft team of skilled .NET developers created an outline for the project and developed an emerging solution that was named “Youth Care”, to streamline the business operations of multiple clients’ at multiple levels and accelerate their processes.

Business challenges

To develop clients’ vision into an application that would simplify their monitoring and installation needs was a cumbersome task. Prior to the development of “Youth Care”, the business had some critical business challenges that demanded a strong and powerful solution.

  • Implement the feature which can automate the client’s existing manual process i.e maintain all the information of children.
  • Implement the features in the solution which can be replaced by the manual user management process.


Tools & Technology

  • C#
  • .Net
  • MVC
  • Entity framework
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • Css3
  • n-tier
  • IIS
  • SQL Server


TatvaSoft fulfilled the intricate demands of the client and developed a cloud-based software solution “Youth Care” which can be easily accessed from desktops and hand-held devices. Our developed product is technologically advanced, feature-rich, and user-friendly features that promote the purchase of this software product.

Following are some of the most sought-after features of the proposed solution:

  • Admission & Release Using fingerprint biometrics, Multi-Disciplinary Team interventions, Warrant information, Education, Assessment instruments, Medical and Institutional records.
  • MDT Interventions The feature enables users to maintain specific diseases and clinical conditions of a child.
  • Program Series Conduct different kinds of programs like Educational Awareness, Formal School, Learner Support Programmers, Therapeutic and Vocational.


After consistent research and development of clients’ applications, the results brought significant changes in clients’ business. Partnering with TatvaSoft, the client was able to achieve a full spectrum of benefits with their end-to-end services. The clients business was extremely happy with the app features and the benefits it offered to the client such as

  • Comprehensive and progressive data for each child
  • Reliable Identification of children using biometrics
  • Cost-effective solution for facilities of any size
  • Accessible from anywhere

The final word

“TatvaSoft expertise in Facility Management services, combined with its deep industry knowledge that has enabled us to offer the most wide-ranging, user-friendly, and comprehensive business solutions for their customers.”

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