Life insurance platform for advisors


The client is a leading provider of insurance facilities to clients of varying sizes and industries. The process of insurance was a complicated process and hence required a simplified and modern app that offers lucrative benefits. To enhance the process of insurance buying and satisfying customers through third party users- financial institutions and financial advisors.

The client wanted to develop a fast, user-friendly method for customers to research, compare, and buy personal insurance from nearly twenty top Insurance providers and enabling their customers with an easy purchase offer that makes online personal insurance simpler and quicker within minutes. Their sole focus of developing an app was to make the entire process easier for the institution, advisor and consumer

Following are some of the critical challenges that need to be addressed for the new solution:

  • Enable Digital Signature for Agents as well as Customers.
  • Allow users to get connected through a simple and easy setup process
  • Agents can get a notification and analyse report for Insurance
  • Compare and maintain rates and a specific form for different Insurance companies
  • Safe, easy and secure way to purchase personal insurance products from nearly twenty major insurers
  • Populate pdf with the filled form fields
  • Ability to manage more than 15 insurers and customers
  • Provision for multi-user access with varying security levels
  • Manage Products of all Insurance providers: Banks, Credit Unions and other Insurance distribution outlets.
  • Handling a database with a large number of records without compromising performance


Tools & Technology

  • Angular
  • C# .NET
  • MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • WCF services
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Docu Sign


After considering all the prerequisites, TatvaSoft developed a modern and technically modern insurance platform that helps consumers to compare and explore prices before making an insurance purchase and that too within minutes. Below are some of the fundamental modules offered by the “National Brokerage" solution:

Product Management:

  • Manage forms of all the insurance products including benefit details, underwriting details and legal proceedings.
  • Manage the price of all the products of all top-rated carriers.

Direct to Consumer Platform

  • Getting a quote is simple and easy with e-Application can instantly be generated with the use of the software
  • Real-time underwriting for most products
  • Integrate custom forms with product forms dynamically as pe the selected customer
  • Manage PDF that needs to be populated run time as per the selected product and customer
  • Generate dynamic PDF after the completion on insurance form fill up and pre-filled the PDF fields as per the inputs from Customer
  • Integrate DocuSign for all the customers, agents, owners to sign their documents online


  • This is an Admin side portal to select customers for which we need to integrate custom forms.
  • Add a New Agent: Allow Admin to add a new agent
  • Add a New Agency: Allow Admin to add new agency
  • Admin can also add different type of cases for Insured
  • Capturing Rep/Agent information, making sure they get all the credits for the sale


  • Adhere to Standards: Systems follow high-security standards to control any vulnerability or attacks.


  • Reports: Systems have more than 20+ reports. Major of them are Rep Paid/Closed Premium, paid cased, Call Report, Agent Call log, etc.
  • We have used the third-party tool “DocuSign” for online signatures.


  • Master: System provides more than 15+ master configuration to keep it more user friendly. That includes Customers, Products, PDF formats, Email Templates, etc.


With our developed solution, the client was able to access and manage all of their processes using a single platform for consumers to compare and purchase the insurance as per their need within a minute. This platform has numerous features that have helped clients to reap benefits such a

  • A consolidated platform that manages all the insurance functions
  • A Simple, fast and cost-effective solution for all stakeholders to gain easy accessibility
  • Faster operations & easily report generation
  • Improved customer experience and higher satisfaction ratio

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