The client is a leading name in the Hotel management and services business that has expanded its business to multiple countries now. With the growing changes in the current economic market, the client had to stand with the customers’ expectations and offer advanced facilities to their customers. Hence the client decided to develop an online platform with a solid combination of the latest technologies and management techniques that would reduce costs and maximize income. Expanding this Hotel management business will definitely boost the client’s business in terms of revenue as well as help clients to get greater brand visibility.

Considering that in mind, the client approached TatvaSoft with the following prime considerations of developing their application:

  • Automated booking process
  • A centralized platform that will manage all the information related to hotel, channels and visitors
  • Should provide real-time services to the visitors and synchronize all the information throughout the portal
  • Ability to manage all types of reservations that include individual, group and party, company, travel agents, multi-legged, multi-rate and waitlisted
  • Integrate hotel information with the existing in-house system
  • To have an intuitive, functional and customizable user interface
  • Facilitate the customers to share, rate and promote their hotels on social media platforms through advertising offers, campaigns and so on...


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • C#
  • iOS
  • Expression Blend
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MVVM
  • ORM (Entity Framework)


The expansion of this hotel business to an online platform will give a new outlook to the business and the client can become more scalable, agile and flexible in offering their services to businesses worldwide. Associating with TatvaSoft has offered clients the top-not development skills and has developed a platform using Microsoft Silverlight based integrated and Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. They named the application Hotel Revenue Management which is capable of offering six different application facilities under a single hood in three different languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish. Following are the cutting-edge features of the application

Booking Engine

  • The booking process is simple, showing the customer - hotel availability, rates, photographs, accommodations, hotel services and nearby attractions
  • The highlight management gives hotelier a variety of options for promoting special offers and incentives to their customers
  • Centralized Booking management facilitates reservation management and has access to bookings filtered by different customers, customer groups and distribution channels
  • Guest area of the application will manage their bookings, access profile details, special offers, promotion codes, hotel information, write hotel reviews and refer the hotel to friends through email and social media
  • Partner area where travel agents and businesses can make bookings, access special rates, and information on commissions, discounts, promotional codes or group codes
  • Easy to integrate with hotels' website and personalized its layout

Channel Management

  • Provision to explore, select and segment major distribution channels such as Booking, Expedia and Hotelbeds
  • Custom settings and centralized administration of each channel according to the business model and contractual information established by the hotel
  • Control of rate distribution in the major IDS (Internet Distribution Systems) and traditional channels of the tourist market
  • Centralisation of bookings made through each channel
  • Booking Control and quick & easy updating of availability in real-time

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • The databases are set up according to three profiles - guests, businesses and agencies
  • Configuration of segmentation parameters
  • Implementation and management of promotional campaigns
  • Management and implementation of customer loyalty programs and segmenting them according to the profiles of target audiences
  • Design, delivery and management of satisfaction and evaluation surveys
  • Management and monitoring of guests' views and share them on social media

Yield Management

  • Flexible rate management enables configuration of rates per room type, policies, restrictions, extras and incentives; setting of rules as per occupancy level, optimization according to occupancy levels and events; creation of promotional codes; design of derived rates; targeting rates by sales channel and/or markets
  • Management of rates and inventory through calendar view and provides an overview of hotel distribution
  • The alerts and reporting system helps you to always be updated

Social Media

  • Manage hotel information circulating in social media and interact in real-time with followers
  • Announcing rates, promotional codes and marketing campaigns on social media
  • Auto scheduling of reply and message
  • Centralised management, monitoring and control over followers' activities, views and comments
  • Reporting on the activities of followers and fans on social media


  • With the mobile application, Hotelier can access all main functionalities of five modules such as easy access to production and occupancy reports, manage rates, track bookings, manage the calendar of events, set promotional codes, monitor and manage social media
  • With the mobile application, guests can manage their bookings, plan sight-seeing routes, interact with the hotel and share information on social media


Our holistic approach to digitizing clients' business by offering advanced and tech-enabled business solutions has added larger benefits to clients’ overall profit. We developed a fully-fledged “Hotel Revenue Management system” that automates day-to-day operations with TatvaSoft’s end-to-end development services. The client derived humongous business benefits increased direct sales of the hotel, simplified channel management, boost in the flow of tourist registered arrivals and revenue, retain customers by superior service quality, improve social media presence and satisfy customers with exemplary services with significant cost saving.

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