Relays Management Software


The client is a front-runner in technology solutions and has been extensively involved in providing specialized services in various departments from research and development, manufacturing, marketing, sales & service of low and medium voltage switchgear products. The client is powered by a highly qualified professional team of engineers, technicians with extensive experience in researching and developing manufacturing and servicing microprocessor-based controllers and technologies. The client wanted to re-engineer their legacy Configuration Management System (CMS) into a new version that can be operated on Windows 8 (64 bit or 32 bit) operating system with Microsoft certification. The client wanted to develop a system that is a window-based standalone and non-distributed application that the client can easily configure and assess using RC-10 control cubicles.

To develop new features and enhance their existing application into the new-edge modern windows-based application, the client has to overcome some of the key challenges of the project such as:

  • Developed application and all the components should be compatible with a single Windows process
  • Should merge COMMS manager, Licenses manager and change manager
  • Replace SQL Server database with an embedded database which does not require installation of SQL server
  • Provide easy installation or upgrade for end-users with installation issues well communicated to the end-user
  • Support embedded database which can store up to 10GB of data
  • Maintain backward compatibility between the different versions of the controller database and device import
  • CMS can be used in offline mode and/or online mode


Tools & Technology

  • Microsoft C#
  • WCF
  • Entity Framework
  • DevComponents
  • DevExpress Report Controls
  • Embedded database (SQL Server 2012 Express LocalDB)


The client application was thoroughly researched and explored in order to achieve all the fundamental needs of the clients. The top minds from TatvaSoft developed this fully featured exemplary windows based CMS application, which manages configuration and logs of the RC-10/RC-20 controller.

Some of the remarkable features of the client’s application were

  • Ability to manage and configure devices in offline as well as online mode
  • Facility to Import and Export devices, simulation and offline setting information
  • All uploaded, downloaded and offline settings can be compared with each other as well as between separate devices
  • Copy device settings from one device to another
  • Upgrade firmware to the desired version with auto backup facility
  • CMS can connect to a device through the local USB port on the RC-10, RS-232 port, over Ethernet Port or via a remote connection using GPRS
  • Configure communication between the PC and the RC-10
  • Upload and download settings whilst online
  • CMS records field readings each time when it connects to a device which includes system status, event, change and operation logs
  • The system status shows the information on protection status, OSM position, UPS status, malfunctions, warnings, serial numbers and version numbers for a relay, SIM and Panel modules inside the RC-10, ACO Status, I/O and logical variable status
  • The event log records every event that occurs inside the RC-10 with ordering and filter facility
  • The protection for Group Phase Overcurrent (OC), Negative Phase Sequence (NPS), Earth Fault (EF) and Sensitive Earth Faults can be managed through auto reclose mapping, protection curves and directional element configuration
  • Facility to manage frequency and voltage protection settings
  • Measurement, UPS and load profile parameter settings enable configure RC-10 system itself
  • HMI settings allow users to enable or disable the buttons on the front of the panel to restrict what field staff can do without a password
  • The switchgear calibration window used to calibrate the signals received from the tank to ensure correct readings within measurement specifications
  • Manage communication port and protocols for RC-10 SCADA Interface
  • Facility to define Logic expressions can be used to initiates actions, activates SCADA points or I/O to initiate actions and/or turn on other additional expressions
  • CMS allows to have four-level access rights to the user in which user with reading, write or combination of both settings can be created
  • Goose/R-GOOSE as defined in IEC 61850-90-5 is an extension to the standard GOOSE functionality that enables publishing GOOSE data over UDP/IP. The primary benefit to this is the use of IP which enables the data to be routable.
  • New product family RC20 connectivity is also included which provides measurement, protection and control of distribution lines and substations. Unlike its predecessors, RC20 is going to offer advanced features
  • Support for LAN connection over IPv6 provided overall TCP/IP based communication channels.


By establishing a strong association with TatvaSoft, the client was able to achieve multiple business milestones with greater revenue benefits and higher customer satisfaction. This multi-feature application has been a boon in the times of gray. Some of its noteworthy benefits for client’s application are

  • Installation process gets easier for the Customer service team.
  • Customers are able to provide more release to the end customer due to the easy work process.
  • Improved field readings to get real-time data access.
  • New communication protocols are included to support more customers.
  • New product families can also be included in this system.

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