Our client is a state-owned government county that operates multiple services mainly masonry and infrastructural services. One of the key barriers for local officials and other national infrastructure operators was to take a clear view of the facilities they deliver and therefore lag behind in making optimal operating decisions. In order to address these unique demands, regional and local councils have agreed to develop an interconnected service framework for the infrastructure they manage. All of this has a one-stop-solution called “Smart City”.

The Key Challenges Faced by the Client:

  • Unable to receive in real-time a comprehensive image of their services and the interconnected capacities to conduct tactical actions in a timely manner.
  • Incapable of generating information in real-time for making critical decisions and operations because of the absence of a centralized data platform for improved data visibility of data.
  • Required Optimization of service deliveries for insights and cost-effectiveness
  • Unplanned decisions with consequences on future plans for state officials


Tools & Technology

  • React JS
  • Node
  • Typescript
  • Serverless framework
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Code
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sequelize ORM
  • Cloudfront


Our specialized team of experts has researched the project and examined the problems posed by the authorities. Using our expertise, engineers at TatvaSoft built a web-based cloud-hosted serverless platform- the “Smart City” platform that helps businesses with data-driven insights. There is data abundance by using different infrastructural and council services to timely execute insights in an efficient manner. We created a stronger foundation for the developed application with multiple vital features that make it high-functional and smart and So we named it as “Smart City platform”.

Devices Management

  • Enables interconnectivity between different IoT devices into a single platform for it to receive information directly from those devices.


  • Generate device certificates seamlessly for a safe and secure establishment of communication between devices and platforms.


  • Authorities can be updated immediately by this platform that embraces alarms that need to be sent from devices in order to take further action.

IoT Communication

  • Enable IoT devices for easy collaboration and communication with the platform.


  • Facilitate users with ETL extract, transform and load services to data from third-party API sources into a consolidated platform.


  • Create a graphical format of how devices are connected on the map using data


  • Users may also create various types of predictive dashboards to analyse the results, allowing smart data insights for smart behaviour and decisions.


  • Enable external users to use measurement knowledge as a feed


  • Enables users to export measuring system data.

App Store

  • Develop & host third-party applications that could also be beneficial for other users in the future.

Billing Insights

  • Facilitate with unique billing parameters that are based on the utilization of resources as per specific dates and month


TatvaSoft has empowered the public sector domain with “Smart City application” with streamlined infrastructural operators, local administration, and council services to gain data-driven insights and seamlessly operate the county activities. Using a large number of use cases, there are easy operations among societies, homes and buildings and this program has made them smart like smart cities, smart societies, smart buildings, smart parking, smart lighting, smart traffic, and more. Authorities gained from the Smart City Platform by providing

  • Simpler integration and aggregation of functional data extracted from IoT-enabled sensors and devices
  • Using an API, created a rich intuitive and smart business-intelligence platform to manage the asset and property of the clients
  • For the utilization of third party services, we created a customized and secure app using IoT devices that offer consistent and real-time reports.
  • Developed a simplified infrastructural white-label software with end-to-end software frameworks to fulfil all their operational needs.

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