Renewable Energy credit trading


Our client is a service provider of digital technologies and solutions. Their services are fully devoted to rapidly growing technology disruptions and new software models. The clients’ business faced challenges in managing multiple paperwork, occurring due to their daily mundane operations such as managing job installations, pre-approvals, connections, trading and other retailers and installer activities. Hence, they decided to develop a web-based environmental trading application for solar retailers to manage installation and trade STC’s with zero processing fees. The ultimate aim of developing this solution is to help registered solar retailers organize their daily data, tasks and trade efficiently without much manual hassle.

The client wanted to develop an application that would simplify the following ongoing operations:

  • Create and manage daily tasks/ jobs
  • Customize & create an accredited installer checklist to ensure a consistent installation procedure every time.
  • Scan serial numbers of panels using the mobile app
  • Calendar view to keep track of scheduled task
  • Trade STC
  • Create STCs in government site
  • Payment functionality for retailers
  • Customize & build document

With an aim to increase the efficiency of the retailers and automatically manage the process of installation, requesting or accepting solar engineers and tracking job history, the unified platform was useful. This environmental trading portal will efficiently look after all these tasks and streamline overall management with a considerable impact on time and cost of doing business.


Tools & Technology

  • C#
  • Xamarin
  • Web API
  • jQuery
  • Ajax
  • SQL lite
  • SQL database
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IIS
  • XERO accounting system
  • Scandit barcode scanner
  • Google Maps and service
  • Virtual machine
  • Storage account
  • RDLC reports


Experts at TatvaSoft identified the monotony of work and hustle with manual paperwork and thus outlined a solution that would not just automate clients’ business but help them reap multiple business benefits. We developed a Smart web application “Environmental Trading Portal” compatible with both webs as well as mobile which is easily accessible from the Internet or App store. Also, created a web API using .NET that secures the network and submits the data from different platforms to this portal. This developed system mainly contains the admin, reseller, retailers, compliance officer, Account manager, accredited installers user type. The following are the key highlights of the solution.

Web Application:

  • System manage assigned jobs (small generation units, solar water heater) data, job owner details, installation details
  • Keep master data of panels, inverter, accredited installers list, electricity provider which are provided by CER and use while validating job data.
  • Validate retailers’ unique number and address details using third party API
  • Ability to set the price with settlement term at different level (Reseller, Retailers, Job)
  • Keep track of job scheduling task using the weekly and monthly calendar view
  • Different types of system reports
  • Document builder to customize STC and CES document
  • Trade STC amount after successful installation with customize settlement term and waiting for creation from the compliance officer
  • Get job’s approval from government site using window service
  • The retailer receives payment based on STC value and settlement term using Xero integration
  • Requesting and accepting solar electricians

Mobile Application:

  • The mobile app allows installers to scan serial numbers of panels using the scanner
  • Data syncing, photos and signature capturing
  • Verify panels on-site during installation to ensure they are approved for the market.
  • Serial numbers scanned through the app will be instantly checked against a database of approved panels.


In an effort to enhance businesses and their functioning, our application has enabled businesses to improve overall transparency, barricading the barriers to trade environmental goods. This platform has simplified the online trade of environmental goods and benefitted both exporters and importers to a greater extent. Enlisted are some of the remarkable outcomes our client achieved from our developed product.

  • Retailers send a request to any installer which is authorized by the government
  • One installer can work with multiple retailers at the time
  • Schedule, track and manage solar jobs
  • Product and installation verification on demand
  • Manage and customize CEC installer checklist
  • Ability to track the location of captured data during installation
  • Offsite installer/designer/owner signature capture through the document
  • Calculate STCs based on job data and trading
  • Generate Invoice or credit note to each job
  • Manage different type of payment status of retailers
  • Add custom document and attach to the job

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